Girls Scouts {Igniting the Dream}

May 27, 2015 , Wedding


Girl Scouts {Igniting the Dream}

We started a new blog series called “Igniting the Dream”. We are faced with an opportunity to encourage someone in their dreams all of time but we love when we can encourage them with the gift of photography. A few weeks ago I was asked to speak at a local girl scouts group to help them earn their digital photography badge. I taught on the difference between point and shoots and DSLR’s, photo editing, and lighting and composition tips. The girls were so much fun and a few of them are considering photography as a career. One of them told me she picked photography for her career day. It was such a joy to encourage them. There were many moments of “AH HA” which I just loved.


After our lesson we headed out so I could take some pictures of the girls! This age is just precious. 2015-05-26_0002Be sure to check out our other Igniting the Dream stories and get involved with encouraging them.

Sharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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