Bride and Groom Wedding Day Poses {Business Tip Tuesday}

September 15, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Bride and Groom Wedding Day Poses {Business Tip Tuesday}


We start our couples off at a pretty far distance from us and get out the 70-200. We give the couple five minutes to catch up on the day, and just have some time to themselves! We love watching them look at what each other is wearing and talk about all the stories that have unfolded thus far. These make for some great candids. This also always is something the couple thanks us for!


We have our couples practice for their first dance. We believe the key to a good photo is touch and we like to encourage our couples to get close with out it looking forced. This a great way to do that! Slow dancing gets comfortable and they forget they are even getting their picture taken. And like the picture below, sometimes they are planning a spin or some type of surprise that makes for a great photo.2015-08-12_0107.jpg


We always have our couples do different variations of walking. We believe movement is a win win when posing and there is nothing sweeter than a groom helping his bride as they walk. Get them walking toward you, walking away, kissing and walking, her walking out ahead and looking back at him, him walking ahead going away from you and looking back to her.. etc. It looks different with every couple because it allows them room to kind of do their own version.
2015-09-09_0041.jpg2015-08-11_0043.jpg4. THE SWAY

Forehead to forehead and sway. Back to back and sway. Snuggle in like a hug and sway. Adding a sway to any pose is easy! If you want an intimate shot like forehead to forehead, nose to nose, kiss, etc.. adding a sway allows them to get their mind off the camera and creates a more natural look to the photo.



We get so caught up in all the romantic and creative poses that we forget we need some of the important photos. We always make sure to have two or three versions of the couple both looking at the camera. We try to do smiling and not smiling.


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