We are Andrew and Chrissy! We are located in Columbus, OH and are a husband and wife wedding photographers. We specialize in wedding photography as well as high school seniors. We believe two are better than one and that is why we have decided to do photography together! Last year we relocated to Columbus, OH. We have a four-year old daughter named Emlyn and our littlest love, Aydah Joy; you will see a lot of them around here! Here is a gallery full of photos of our family! We are dreamers. We are adventurous. We are fearless.. We are only these things when we are together and that is why we believe two is always better than one. We feel unstoppable as we stand beside each other and hold hands. We feel we have no limits, that this love, our love, can take us anywhere. We believe love is redemption and that love restores places in our heart that we never even knew existed. We have messy hair days and clean cut, styling days too. In the middle of the busyness of life we have learned to pause, say no every now and then, breath in the moments, to love the people around us even when its hard, and prioritize and rest as a family. We have learned we come alive the most when we are around people who we get to serve, encourage, and love. Not just any love, but a radical love. This is why we do what we do!


I am definitely an extrovert! Making people feel comfortable is at the top of my list. When it comes to my personality, I am always ready to meet new people! Honestly, this world tries to hurl so much negativity at you, but if I can get you to crack a smile or chuckle, then I feel I have done my job. I believe laughter is medicine for the soul! God is my first and last, and my anchor in life. He has blessed me beyond description. The most important person in my life is my wife. She is my encouragement and my balance; I could not do what I do with out her. My sweet little Emlyn is next on that list. She is my pride and joy and yes, she has me wrapped around her little finger!


Wife. Mother. Writer. Dreamer. Creative. Lover of coffee and Chipotle. A tell it how it is, straight shooter. Passionate lover of Jesus. Travel bug and pretend on-line shopper. I am all APPLE, and I am NIKON. Photography to me is not who I am but just what I do. It is an opportunity which means it was a choice. I chose photography but really I feel it chose me. I had no idea this was in store for my life. I am pleasantly surprised and over joyed that this is what was in store for not just me but for US!











We believe that photography is so much more than a perfectly posed bride and groom or person. We know that every life has its own story and we never want to make someone’s life look like something it is not. Instead, we like to tell their story right back to them with the beauty we see through our lens. We believe that every person that comes into our life is for a purpose. We don’t believe in coincidences, but rather we believe that things are always a part of a bigger plan. Every person is valuable, honorable, and worth having their story told. We believe that what we do matters because we know what it means to us to look at our parents’ and even grandparents’ wedding photos. Our hope is that we can provide a heirloom, a story to share, a story that is yours to give to the generations after you. We’re honored to serve the Columbus, OH area as wedding photographers and look forward to all the stories we get to tell through our lens.