A+C Cookout

June 1, 2015 , Wedding


A+C Cookout

Yesterday we had a get together for our A+C wedding couples. We wanted to have one big HOORAH before we left for Ohio. We have also always dreamed of getting our couples together. This event made us realize just how many of our couples live out of state. In our short two years we have A+C couples that span through out 8 different states!  That is amazing. Locally we have about 12+ couples. We knew that this time of year a lot of people would be camping, on vacation, etc but we thought it would be great to have for those who COULD come.

This was a super low key event. I will be honest. I struggled because I thought… This is so not Pinterest worthy or even blog worthy. I didn’t have any cute details or decorations. But I realized that it wasn’t important. By the end of the night the connections that were made were priceless. We laughed and played Catch Phrase and no one noticed that I didn’t have those perfect little Pinterest details. It was such a blessing to host them for the evening and introduce them to each other. Though we only had 6 of our couples we were so grateful for those 6 new connections we introduced.

I did find a recipe for Shirley Temples on Pinterest and they were so good! We used fresh lime, oranges and cherries in the drinks.2015-06-01_0001.jpg

Andrew was the grille master and made some delicious food! Sams Club burgers are seriously the best!

Jesse + Nina- July 4th, 2015

Sam and Ian- July 31st, 2015

Michelle and Dan- September 26th, 2015

Tyler and Amy- August 1st, 2015

Nick and Brittany- September 28th, 2014


Emlyn was our entertainment for the evening! 😀


My neighbor Bridget came over and took a few pictures for us before the rain come! We got them JUST in time! Thanks girl!


It was so cool to see all of the awesome relationships we have built from A+C in one place. And to think that this is not even half of our couples from this year.. We are so blessed and have the best clients in the world. We are thankful that we get to call them all friends!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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