All About Emlyn | Personal

I walked into the room and to my suprise saw a camera in Andrew’s hands. This was the first time I think I have ever seen him grab a camera to shoot just for fun since he was learning a few years back. In the evening the sun shines right through Emlyn’s bedroom window. He saw the light and grabbed his little model. Finn of course was a great addition. This girl loves her puppy! When we leave just for a few hours she almost always says “I miss my Finn!”

So what is new with Emlyn?

1. She LOVES to dress herself and mommy is a control freak about it. I have struggled at letting her walk around mismatched but this was a day where it won! Her teachers even encouraged me to let her do this so she grows more independant. Mommy is learning! ha!

2. As mentioned above, she LOVES Finn! She missed him all the time if we arent home and when we are they are usually found pretty close to each other. Finn likes to eat her crumbs mostly but they play with his bone a lot!

3. She starts her second year of preschool in less than two weeks! She is so ready, she loves going to preschool!

4. She still favors Daniel Tiger and Peppa the Pig but recently watched the original Annie movie and has watched it several times now!

5. We have cut her hair several times to allow the front to try and grow and catch up. This time those front pieces are actually starting to grow in! It is still crazy! ha!

6. Her best friends are Judah (in PA) and Leighton (from preschool). Spoken by her!

7. She recently fell in love with doing cartwheels and has actually gotten pretty good at them! We are pretty sure all The Olympics we watched sparked a new interest for her!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy