Some of our favorite people on the blog today! While in PA for Nate and Genevieve’s wedding, we made some time to hang with our friends, the Bispings. Judah and Emmy have been best friends since Judah’s mommy and I were pregnant together. It has been amazing to see their relationship grow over the years even with the distance now. Emmy was set on being in all of their family photos, but she ended up just sneaking in at the end of the session!

A little background on these guys and our story:

Andrew has known Scotty for a long time but we never built a relationship all together until we ran into each other at birthing class. From there our big pregnant bellies starts enjoying cookies and cupcakes with each other and the boys prepared for being daddy’s together. The babies came and we had some hoots adjusting to our new lives. We grew closer. When we found out we were moving we were sad about leaving these guys. The amazing thing that happened though is they joined our church and ended up being the ones we handed our youth ministry over to. We were overjoyed to know our teenagers were going to be in their hands! It is all so bittersweet!

Now we travel to them and they travel to us. We FaceTime with each other and let the kids talk all of the time. As soon as we come in the kids are begging to see each other. When we came in we had to head out for a quick freezing cold session because they were due to be in front of our cameras! We can’t believe how much we got in such a short time! Check them out!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy