Britton and Melodie | Gahanna Engagement Session

May 19, 2016 , Engagements


Britton and Melodie | Gahanna Engagement Session

Meet Britton and Melodie! They are getting married this June and their official countdown is on! Andrew and I met with these two when we first relocated back to OH! Melodie and I have known each other through out the years from various different resources. It has been so cool to see her life change and move and now to know we get to celebrate with her in this season of life as well! These two are down to earth and not afraid to be who they are. They want to be together forever and though life throws its curves they continue to trudge forward and I love that about them. We decided to meet in Gahanna, just a few miles from where these two and their children live. They spend many evenings at local restaurants right there in town and have had some significant date nights there. It only made sense to take them there. We are so looking forward to their winery wedding next month and can’t wait to celebrate with them and their families!


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