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March 16, 2016 , Wedding


When I first was learning photography I was pregnant with Emlyn. I couldn’t wait till she was born to have a LIVE model in my house all of the time. I was tired of photographing tennis balls, flowers, you name it! Between my buring desire for this new found love of photography and waiting 3+ years for our little miracle… I took over 3,000 photos her first year of life. That is not including the hundreds of iphone pictures. In the last two years I kind of took a step back from that and didn’t realize it. I did take her out a couple of times for her birthday and important milestones but I missed some of the most important moments. The real ones. This year I want to be more intentional to capture her as she is. As she really is! Not all dolled up for her birthday and perfectly posed.

These last two years I think I have been so focused on wanting another baby and struggling with why we can’t get pregnant again that I have missed my baby growing up in so many ways. I am really trying to practice this whole “renounce” word that I proclaimed as the word of the year in January. It is hard. But pausing and celebrating Emlyn in the moments that are happening right now really helps my soul let go of what I wish we had. Somewhere with in I have to trust all things happen for our good and know the story He is writing is so much better than the one I could write. It is hard, really hard. But this litte excersize right here helps and it is such a reminder to me that Jesus already gave us a blessing. I dont ever want to take Emlyn’s little life for granted. Life is something that cant be created by any one other than God and I want to remember all that goes into her being here today.

So I started this series “All About Emlyn” as a promise to myself to celebrate her in the midst of waiting. I started this series for her.. so she can see her gifts, her talents, her personality when she is older. It all starts here and I want to give her these precious moments to look at. Enjoy!

This was her day at the inside beach!


Her ocean and of course her Tigey is swimming with her too!

Everyone joined her for a day at the beach!

I am ok with having a little photographer running around! 😀

Those curls though!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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