When we first got married our house was FULL of bright colors, used hand me down furniture and a few super cheap pieces of furniture. We all start somewhere and we were two twenty somethings with very little to bring into our marriage. It has been so fun this last year to finally feel like we can invest in the things that are “us”! We love seeing our style come to place.

The cool thing about home decks though is it is really representing the look and feel we also want to achieve in our pictures. We want pops of color, contrast, but still a clean and soft mature look. Interior design has helped us really hash out who we are in all areas. The more we progress in our home style the more it looks more and more like our photography brand. We just love it!

We made a few changes this last and there are more happening in the dining room! We will keep you posted.





Andrew bought this canvas on the right for our anniversary. It is the first thing you see when you walk in our house and almost everyone comments on it! It was one of the best gifts ever and I love the concept fits our business model!

Well… the rest is not about home decor but Emlyn sure helps show off our house! For the FIRST time ever she was begging me to take pictures.. I switched gears and focused on this cutie for a little while! Sorry for the Emlyn overload but she is all kinds of sweet and we love to share her with you!

This black and white on the left needs to go on our walls ASAP!