How did we get here? {Happy Birthday Adam!}

Do you ever walk through a day and wonder how in the world you got there? How does time go so fast? In case you have missed it I will catch you up to speed! We live in Ohio now because we joined my former youth pastors at their new church plant in Pickerington, OH. It is crazy that these two people we have loved so much, for so long, are now a part of our lives in a GREAT and different way. Andrew and I are so humbled they chose us to come along side of them in this crazy thing called ministry!

Danielle asked us a few months ago if we would take photos for Adams 40th birthday celebration and we were glad to… More than anything we were glad we could even be there!! We have been in PA 4 weekends of the 7 that we have lived here and we are getting ready to be gone again two weekends in a row. Though this season of back and forth is not ideal, Adam and Danielle have been so understanding and patient with us and the needs of the business. We were thankful after all the absent weekends that we could spend this past weekend celebrating Adam with everyone he loves!



Danielle chose a movie/tv theme because Adam is a big movie buff. She tortured him with the game chubby bunny by giving him movie quotes that he had to guess what they were from. He did surprisingly well!




Danielle opened the mic up to anyone who would like to share about Adam and some of my favorites were his oldest daughter and his dad!



Look at these two lovebirds!


Adam, we love you and we are so excited to be a part of this season with you! You make 40 look good! Here is to the best years ahead!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy