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January 28, 2015 , Business


January Marketing Tip


One of the questions we get a lot is “How is your business growing so fast?”.

I give three tips in this video that we found are foundational in our success this past year in business.


To give you some fun facts about our growth:

2012- First year in business we brought in $6,000.

2013- Second year in business we brought in $13,000. (First year accepting weddings)

2014- Third year in business we brought in $32,000. (Our last quarter we brought in 13,000 which was what made in the entire year in 2013!)

2015- Based off of our current bookings (February is the busiest booking season, so this is with out theory but is ACTUAL as of right now) we are projected to bring in $50,000+.

Now if you know anything about business at all.. you know how expensive it is! We have turned over 80% of our profits back into investing into the business so far. This year will be our first year we do not have to spend THAT much in investing. Exciting!

So, how did we nearly TRIPLE our income from last year? Here is the start of it all!


*Don’t mind my office. Yup, I am in an unfinished attic! I’ll do whatever I can for my own space! Haha!


As always…

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