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We have been asked a ton about how renovations are going at the pizza shop and apartment! We realized we haven’t shown you the apartment yet in its completion and there is no better time than Christmas time to show you! My parents are still in construction over at the new building and hope to move the shop by spring. We will let you know when that all happens and we start on construction downstairs. For those of you who do not know the whole story their is a blog post on our story here (the images all got lost when our website got shut down so forgive us for all the words). One day we will have an office/studio downstairs and a kitchen and living room. For now we will call this 900 square feet our home and live in it humbly!


We bought these couches on Offer Up for $400. They were brand new. The big couch has a roll-out bed in it and it still had the plastic on it. They aren’t the coziest couches but our furniture didn’t fit up here and it makes a nice guest bedroom option for us!

Finn was staring me down during pictures!

Our kitchen is rather eclectic right now because we don’t want to buy new appliances until we build the new kitchen downstairs. It works for now though! Also, take note that this building is VERY long and narrow. Its like a hallway! Emlyn and Finn run up and down it all the time!

This year we did something different with the tree and stuck branches, berries, and more in the tree to make it look a little more “woodsy.” We love the way it came out! Emmy wrote her list out to Santa, it might be in Chinese! ha

This is Emlyn’s room for now. It will soon be baby girl number two’s room!

She is quite festive in her room too! She loves her little gingerbread house and she wears her santa hat frequently!
2016-12-14_0011.jpgThat is her art wall! Ha!2016-12-14_0014.jpg

Our room is connected to her room. It creates some challenges but it has worked out for the time being. Eventually this room will be Emlyn’s. So her and her sister will be side by side.

Our bathroom was the biggest reno project!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy