We traveled out to Pennsylvania for one purpose and that was to have maternity photos done by the amazing Autumn at Skysight Photography. Why travel so far? Well, I have definitely learned the significance in finding a photographer you mesh with and like. That might sound harsh but here are some things that help us determine if we want to use someone for our photos or not.

  1. Style- This is important to me for more reasons than the average person. Andrew and I think about what the photos will look like on our blog and website. We want them to be true to who we are as a family and in our business.
  2. Quality- We are probably too hard of critics in this area but we want the quality to reflect where our work is at or better.. usually who we pick is someone we can learn from ourselves and we take the whole experience in. We look for sharp focus, comfortable and relaxed posing, and clean and consistent editing.
  3. Personal- Now that we have not just one but soon to be TWO kids we know the significance in having a photographer that works well with children. We want someone who makes our kids comfortable and come alive during the session.

So Autumn falls into the AMAZING category is what we are trying to say! Her work is always consistent, creative, and we have so much fun. The best part of doing a session with her is watching Emlyn. I think Andrew and I both shed a few tears watching Autumn take pictures of her this time. She looked so sweet on that couch!


Does she not look like she is 8? She is FOUR!

Everyone keeps asking about the dress and where these were taken! So Autumn has an incredible studio that has both a natural light area and a studio lighting set up. The majority of these were taken in her natural light room. She also has like 3 million props. It is insane! She had several maternity dresses for me to choose from and it was so nice to not have to run out and buy something myself.

I loved these strip lighting shots, especially the ones of Andrew and I. I just have to say, I have a very handsome hubby!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy