I think this holds the record for the longest period ever of NOT working for me. It is seasons like these though I become more and more thankful for all the systems we have in place. If it weren’t for our workflow with our online studio system, reminders, and all the apps we use, our business wouldn’t survive through times of chaos like the one we are in.

So with all the silence I am sure you are curious what we are up to! We have officially moved in to our apartment above what is now my parents pizza shop. Last week we moved over the course of 4 days, cleaned the rental house and got it ready, and then headed to PA for a long weekend. We had a wedding to attend there and took the break while we could since we have been so crazy with renovations and moving. This is the 4th house we have lived in in just over a year. Crazy! Who would have thought life would get so crazy?


Honestly, with all the moving it has been amazing to watch Emlyn adjust so well. She likes her little room and loves being so close to her Mimi and Pop-pop.

In the midst of all the craziness one our clients gave us four tickets to a Clippers game so we stopped and enjoyed it. Emlyn had never been to a game before so she was in awe! The best part? Aunt Amber even caught a ball for her!

We will be doing a lot more updates now that we are settled into our place and getting acclimated. We are still living in renovations and are crossing our fingers to have our bathroom and kitchen done in the next few weeks! Also, wedding world.. We have four weddings over the next six weeks coming up! Get ready for picture overload!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy