Sarah at D’Attoma Studios | Headshots + Business Tip Tuesday

I have a million other things on my list to blog about but I couldn’t help but bump Sarah up to first because of Business Tip Tuesday! Perfect timing! Andrew and I had the joy of spending some time with her yesterday and updating her head-shots for her photography business. She met us on our side of town and I thought of this location right away. With Sarah just coming back from being in the south for a while I thought this building had the perfect charm for her business. She is a true jewel! She is a wife of almost seven years with two beautiful babies. Doesn’t she look awesome? So, headshots are always fun but to us they are more than just taking pictures.

I want to challenge you to do something for someone else IN YOUR INDUSTRY. There is something so humbling about serving others that the industry calls “competition” and instead saying “NO, you are my friend.” Maybe there is someone local who is lighting the city on fire and there is something you can do to help them. Maybe they don’t need pictures or your service but how about lunch? You could even just take them coffee. Community is everything and collaborating with those fighting for the SAME thing as you is a hidden tool that most miss. There is a reason why comparison, the competition mentality, and jealousy work so hard to keep you where you are at. There is so much power for you AND for the people you reach out to. May I dare say this too. I am saying for FREE. No strings attached. A simple act that says you care and not for the benefit of yourself.

So get out there and find someone to serve or cheer on that is in the same corner as you. Help me spread some fire over to Sarah too and check out her business!





Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy