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Life has had so many ways of pulling us away from our desks and out and about lately. We celebrated our anniversary last week and we knew we needed to get out and do something more therapeutic. With the new big project in full works and all of the other hats we are wearing right now we thought canoeing in Hocking Hills sounded perfect. We took our time, when I say “we” I mean Andrew. He did 90% of the work! He liked it that way in my defense, ha!  My sister kept Em for us so we weren’t rushing to get anywhere which was nice. We stopped and got ice-cream before heading back to our house.


After we cleaned up, we laughed at ourselves because we then headed to Easton. We are well rounded people right? Canoeing and then to shopping! lol! When we got there we of course took some selfies and then got our favorite coffee drink ever! Mint iced coffee from North Star is the best! THEN we headed to a few stores for some new outfits for our ANNIVERSARY session! YES! Last week we met with Seth from Seth and Beth Photography and had an amazing session with him. We can’t wait to see them!

The picture on the right bottom is from before our session with Seth! Tamar from Naturally Chic came and made my face look awesome!

These photos were with my girl AFTER our session. Lets just say we were gone from 10am-5:30pm! Two outfits later and lunch with Seth went super fast! My girl loved my hat so she wanted some selfies with me! haha !

Here is a random set of pictures of our two babies! lol! 😀

It was a wedding weekend! Woot Woot!

AND lastly.. of course our second home right now is Home Depot. Emlyn likes to take selfies in there when she gets bored! Enjoy! ha!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy