The "Up-to" Inventory {Personal Update}

July 6, 2015 , Personal


The “Up-to” Inventory {Personal Update}

2015-07-05_0001We move THIS Thursday! Needless to say we have been busy getting together with friends, family and visiting all the lovely places here in PA! Here is what we have done in just the last 5 days!

Wednesday– Idlewild (Pictures of Emmy swimming are from that!)

Thursday– Kennywood! Em went to daycare and we enjoyed the day kidless being kids! We also had dinner with our friends before we head out and that is the photo of them playing the hand game with Emlyn. Em had a good time!

Friday– We packed and cleaned and then one of my best friends and I had a moms night out while our husbands stayed home with the kids! It was much needed and the food was delicious!

Saturday– We shot Jesse + Nina’s wedding for 11.5 hours and it was a beautiful and perfect day! Pictures coming in a few days.

Sunday– Andrew headed out for a bit in the morning to go say his goodbyes to some more people here and then we had a wedding consult over lunch. We of course got Chipotle and met a fantastic new couple! Emmy came home from being with our sister in-law all weekend and we enjoyed a few hours before bed time!

So what is the plan this week:


WE HOPE TO: pack and MOVE!

We are thinking about: PACKING, CLEANING, and moving! Haha!

Yeah, our inventory is pretty boring this week.. all we have on the brain is OH MY GOSH WE ARE MOVING!

We will catch everyone on the flip side and I am sure next weeks inventory will be pretty exciting! 😀

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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