Wacky Wednesday | All About Emlyn

Yesterday we woke up and everything was different. It was WACKY WEDNESDAY! Emlyn has been hardly containing her excitement for this day and it finally came! I don’t know about you but Dr. Seuss is the best! I love that his imagination encourages our kids today to come along and imagine too. In our world things can get so serious and our kids grow up too fast. Dr. Seuss is a great way to just let your kids be kids! We were so excited to let Emlyn be who she wanted to be with all her creativity for Wacky Wednesday at her preschool. She wanted to wear the headband, pajama top, rain boots, and Hawaiian skirt and everything else was momma’s influence!

This mini photo session kind made me wake up and realize I need to capture her more! I have been so caught up with the move and settling in that I forget to get the camera out and shoot for us. Emlyn is so fun in front of the camera right now and I don’t want to miss all the different fun stages! Check out her first pose! 😀


So many faces! She had a blast but was confused why Mommy and Daddy didn’t have a wacky day too! Ha! I promise more coming from our girl soon!

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Andrew + Chrissy