1. Wear what is YOU

You want to feel like yourself in your pictures. If you are uncomfortable or not being totally YOU than it will show! So are you more laid back, sporty, whimsical, urban… Dress in a way that most would describe you as.


2. Comfort

Of course you want to have some style to your outfit but most important is comfort. You want something you can move around in and relax. An outift that your not comforable can totally change the way your photos come out.


3. No matchy-matchy

Don’t get caught in the trap of all one color or even just two colors. Add different patters, textures, and colors. The camera loves color. Never be afraid to go too bold!


4. Accessorize

For girls we always say to layer your clothing and to add accessories. An outfit that has finishing touches goes a long way! Guys, be mindful of shoes!


5. Special Element

This isn’t for every couple out there but add a special prop or something meaninful to your session. This can be hats, umbrellas, your dog, etc.


6. Outfit Change

We always recommend two outfits to capture two different styles. This is really important if it is a themed session like “UP” or vintage, black tie, etc. You may want a more traditional outfit for photos as well.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy