1. Details


There is nothing more exciting than to walk into a wedding to see that all the details are there. Sometimes this area can be overlooked in the hustle of planning. We get it! What details am I talking about? From the shoes, jewelry, flowers, invitations, programs.. to the centerpieces, little frames about grandma, quotes and more. For me I love to see that a couple is truly expressing WHO they are and what their future is going to look like through their wedding day! Having these details thought through allows us to photographically tell a story in a way we could not if there were none. We love taking PORTRAITS but some of those old perfume bottles, little signs from your heritage, and grandmas handkerchief tell more of a story than sometimes two people could.


2. Against the Grain


Andrew and I are all for tradition but we also love when a couple decides some traditions just aren’t them. We always encourage couples to not just do something that day because everyone else does it. Better yet, we want couples to make their OWN traditions. From the way you do your unity candle, the first dance, the way you honor those who have passed, the decorations or themes.. We love to see a couple who goes against the grain and does what they feel represents them well! We challenge you to be YOU and do your whole day inside the box of who the two of you are and not just what everyone else does.

3. Organization


We know not every ones strong suite is organization and Andrew and I love to come alongside of couples and plan out their timeline. We love to see that couples have taken that timeline and communicated it. That they follow along and use that timeline as a guide through out their day. Having a plan and trusting it allows your day to be so much more relaxed. You don’t have people running around wondering where they are supposed to be. Instead we can walk in and see that everyone is relaxed, usually drinking mimosas or throwing down a beer, and they know exactly what the next step is. A maid of honor is a great person to put in charge of monitoring the timeline before we arrive and to help assist things along through out the day!


4. Focus


We know it can be challenging but a bride and groom that have their focus in the right place usually have the BEST day and the BEST images. When Andrew and I look back our couples with images that you can FEEL the romance, they are the ones who didn’t let small things get to them and they kept moving along. Sometimes our couples are so focused on “It is my wedding day, I get to marry the love of my life today no matter what!” that it is almost shocking to watch. We have seen some couples just blow through their day with quick responses to issues but still have an immense amount of peace and joy for their day. Staying focused on what really matters is huge!


5. Great Vendors


Some of our favorite weddings have been our favorite because we had a whole team their that day that worked together. Having vendors who work well with others is so important. A DJ should want to communicate to the photographers and vice versa. The wedding coordinators and planners should be in touch with everyone. Having a vendor that doesn’t just show up that day and focuses on just their own thing makes a huge difference for everyone involved.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy