Wow! That is all we can say. What an overwhelming response we have had for our first ever workshop. We loved hearing all of the stories and reading the “whys.” We wish we could pick you all but luckily we CAN pick one winner! We are so excited about this so lets get to it….


CONGRATS! Email us to work out arrangements! ­čśÇ

If you did not get picked we highly encourage you to not give up! ┬áDon’t be afraid to post and let your fans and friends know that you want to INVEST in your skills and in your business and that you are trying to make the money to get there. You will be surprised how quickly people will jump to help you and book a few sessions! And the other thing you can do is simply pray.. Just let Him know where you are at.. Seriously.. I can’t tell you how many times someone just “dropped” something by or a random check came in at the perfect time. If you are meant to come.. it will happen! ­čśÇ

Thanks again for entering in! We can’t wait to meet all of you attendees. We have been working hard and OH MY do we have something special planned. We decided to bring in a model and she will be completely┬ástylized. We also have 6+ vendors participating and donating food, flowers, cupcakes, and more! We can’t tell you everything but we can tell you it is going to be good!

Registration closes February 28th and we have only 3 seats left!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy