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Andrew and I know how rough it can be when you are first starting off your photography business. You KNOW all of the equipment you “need” but can’t buy. You WANT to learn more but you can hardly make enough money to do what your doing now. We get it! We have been there and actually we still ARE there. Last year we made a giant and BRAVE decision to INVEST in the business though we could hardly pay for anything else. We took the step and attended a conference. I believe because we stepped out in faith and attended.. EVERYTHING CHANGED! We made friends, we rebranded, we applied what we learned, and now we are so much further than we could have ever been on our own. After that I was gifted TWO more opportunities to learn. What a feeling to get to soak up something so important for FREE. I truly believe that if it weren’t for the time and MONEY invested into learning, we would not be sitting here with a happily booked 2015 wedding season and 2016 brides coming fast!

Because we believe in investing in your business so much and because we want to GIVE back for all of the people who have given to us.. we want to pick one lucky winner to attend the workshop FOR FREE. All they will have to do is GET THERE! How cool is that? So how do you enter in to win?

Here are the details!

1. Comment on this blog post telling us WHY you would love to win. 

2. SHARE the post on Facebook and TAG any photog friends you feel would benefit! 

*If you already registered to attend you can not enter the giveaway.

*Winner will be announced on Friday, February 13th 2015!

*You will not be entered in to win unless you comment and share the post!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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