I can’t belive it has been 20 days since my last blog. This is the first time ever in the history of our business I have missed the boat on consistently blogging. I had to let some things go over the last few weeks and prioritize differently for a short season! As most of you know from a previous blog, my parents business was expanding into a new (to them) building. My grandfather started Vick’s Pizza in 1961 in a little building with seating for 12 people. It had been operating there ever since. A few years ago the hardware store next door went out and my parents started dreaming. When Andrew and I realized the original building would be perfect for our buisness once they moved we prayed on it and felt it was right. We moved in to the apartment upstairs after renovating it for months last year. For the last 12 months we have been assisting my parents with their contractors and getting the renovations done at the hardware store. I have taken on payroll for them and many other things to help transition them over. With great joy and tired feet I tell you today that we officially opened over there last week! Andrew and I worked 4 days for grand opening non stop and working with our intern to help assist them with design needs and website etc. It has been a massive undertaking and it is hard to believe that part is over and a new season has begun for our families pizza shop!

These two photos is from the day we started moving them over. The ovens were the hardest part to move. Look at that picture on the right! That is what we have left to clean up and start renovating!


Here is them putting the ovens together in the new kitchen!

New dining room!

The chalk artist we hired is phenomenal! Daniel Lomphoy killed it!

I did some food photography for their new website! So much fun!

This photo is on the day we opened with all the grandkids!

Saturday we had an engagement session scheduled with one of our couples in Pitttbsurgh and though it felt like a crazy time to go but we actually needed it. We originally had a sitter lined up to watch the kids at home but we changed our plans. We missed the kids so much from working at the pizza shop and Andrew working Amazon. We all just wanted to be together and we did not care if that met 6 hours in the car. Our babysitter didn’t hesitate when we asked if they all could just come with us. It was a great day together and I couldnt be more grateful for Catherine coming so we could all stay together.


Catherine took the kids to the cutest little splash pad area while we shot the session and Emlyn had so much fun! Catherine had never been to Pittsburgh so she got quite the view from there.

We were all tuckered out on the way home!

Here are a few of my favorites so far from Johnny and Jenn’s session!


This week has been all about getting things back in order for me. I had over 11 loads of laundry yesterday and still have more today. Finn apparently ate rocks Wednesday night during our grand opening and had to go to the vets.


I threw my back out and went to the chiropractor yesterday. I have had unanswered emails and a dirty house for weeks now. We are all trying to take a deep breath, regroup and reorganize before taking on anything else! Right now I just keep pacing myself and taking on everything little by little that needs done! Here is to a long personal to-do list and work list and choosing rest over stress! Guys, we have some exciting things coming now that we can renovate downstairs for the business! We can’t wait! Thanks for being patient with us these last few months. If you are in our area please check out all of our families hard work over at the new place! www.vicksgourmetpizzeria.com!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy