2015 Goals

January 9, 2015 , Business


2015 Goals


Every year I try… oh wait… No every year I always FORGET to make a list of goals. Can I be honest with you? Yeah I don’t do that! I asked myself why and I soon found my answer. I may be a bit of an over achiever at times, or a “SUPER visionary” person as I like to call it! I never stop dreaming. I never stop making goals. I use the reminders app to set reminders for my goals for the day, week, month, and year. I do this ALL year long though, not just in January. I am constantly modifying the goals for the month, thinking of something new, and seeing how I can achieve a dream!  I do think there is something to be said about a NEW year starting and having vision for that particular year though. since I tend to be a DAILY dreamer I think it would be good for me to have vision for the WHOLE year in place rather than a month or 6 months out. As I mentioned in my post before, I feel this year is all about AUDACIOUS FAITH AND RADICAL LOVE! So with that phrase being for 2015 I can’t help but feel the need to put some practical goals in place to make that phrase our reality. So here it goes… My goals for 2015!


1. Do not got on ANY electronic device or do any work UNTIL I have sat down to read my bible and devotional FIRST.

2. Shower FIRST thing in the morning and get READY for the day. No more working in pajamas and my poor hubby coming to the same wife he left at 7:00am in the morning.

3. With the shower thing..comes getting up a little earlier and allowing time to get ready.. this is really hard for me! I LOVE to sleep and Emlyn is up at 7:00am every morning.. we are talking 5:30 or 6:00am!

4. Only work when Emlyn is napping or during scheduled office time with Andrew. Put her first during the day and show her that. Roll on the floor, take more trips and more!

5. More date nights during off season! We build in date nights before every wedding and send Emlyn away for an extra evening to have time with each other. When we don’t have weddings though we tend to do nothing but stay home and occasionally watch movies.

6. Eat healthier with small goals to obtain that. Drink 2 cups of water before every meal, fiber and protein for breakfast, and no starch at dinner!

7. Read one book a month!

8. Be GRATEFUL for what we have and STOP thinking of all we don’t have! (One Thousand Gifts has totally opened my eyes to this and I am a work in progress!) The quote above is from a quote out of her book and it has been sinking deep in me. LOVE it! And I also love that it gave me another excuse to tackle hand lettering AUDACIOUSLY! 😛



1. Develop a solid office hour schedule each week that works with our family and ministry schedule first. With in that comes organization with blog schedule, taxes and more. just simply knowing what to focus on that day and not getting sidetracked.

2. TITHE business money! This is a HUGE one and one I don’t like to admit. We have always done good at tithing our income but this year the business side of things got away with me. Our income came in so fast and life got away from me. I want to make it a priority to GIVE and give to God radically this year!

3. Add submissions into every wedding and sessions workflow. We did a great job in 2014 and we were published 5 times and we are accepted for 6 more! This year we want to develop a routine though to not let it get away from us.

4. Poor into new photographers more. We launched our first workshop and we have a few more ideas up our sleeve!

5. GIVE more. Send random just thinking of you cards to clients, vendors, photographers etc. Give  gifts more and simply be aware of what a need is so we can GIVE.

6. Focus on one task at a time.  Quiet the daily distractions. Stay away from social networking unless we are scheduling posts or handling marketing in some form.

7. Lessen the business spending and continue to pay off personal debt.

Oh I could go on but I think this is good for now! I feel better just knowing that is down! If you have questions about your 2015 or if we can help you reach any of your goals let us know.


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