2017 Reflections | Business

January 10, 2018 , Business


2017 Reflections | Business

I personally believe vision is a must for your life and even more so for a business. With out vision we have no aim and can waste our time and energy. So get to it right? Start writing it down! What is your vision? Let’s pause the train for a second because I think there is a step we miss sometimes.

Reflection. Having vision is great but looking back at your past years ups and downs can be the most revealing for what you should consider in 2018. Sometimes our vision can be clouded by our lack of judgement from being inside our own head. I truly believe by going through and doing an inventory on what worked and didn’t you create a nice foundation of things you need to work towards the following year. So let’s talk 2017!

Andrew and I named 2017 the year of FAVOR! Well, that felt weird on all sorts of levels when we first said it. It almost felt selfish. What we learned though is that we needed a mind change. We needed to expect something good and not always hard things. We stood on that word even when things looked cruddy and I am here to tell you … favor came through. Bad stuff and hard stuff still happened but I think because we believed that it was going to be a year of favor we always had hope (somewhere, let’s be real sometimes we didn’t act like we thought life was going to be ok)

Andrew DID have to go back to work the last day of 2016. Full time wasn’t working out in the business for various reasons. We could have tried longer to make it work but we wanted to pay off debt and get ahead. It was a bummer to start the year off like that but Andrew quickly gained favor at work. Every day he came home those first few weeks he had a story how they moved him to a new job or complimented him. He ended up getting promoted as soon as he was eligible and he has found many good things there. He has friendships from Amazon that are solid and me too now! I could go on about this area but you get the jist!

We had a major financial breakthrough where someone gave us an insane blessing. With that and some hard work we paid almost 15k off in debt! This was the first year ever we didn’t GAIN debt! This was huge for us! We finally felt like we were getting somewhere!

We were given a van for free and found a house we love. We went from consolidating and downsizing in 2016 to 900 square feet to now living on two acres in the country in a 2000 square foot ranch. We did not see that coming but we couldn’t feel more grateful! We welcomed Aydah and went from a family of three to four. We tried for three years for another baby and 2017 was that year for us! She has been such a blessing and truly JOY for not just us but so many of our close friends and family.

This all sounds good and it was GOOD! We had some hard times. We struggled with wondering why in the world we weren’t being found yet in Columbus. The crickets with inquiries and then the rejection from bookings got us feeling low. Instead of wondering why I shifted and just tried to be grateful for what we did have. This year we had more portrait sessions than ever! We also shot almost 30 real estate homes! We did a lot more “other” things and that’s ok! We paid the bills, kept trucking, met new people and it was good. I actually look back and don’t know how we could have possibly taken more weddings with the way it has been adding a new baby and all of our other commitments. It was a blessing even though we struggled with the why as we were going through it!

If I could go back in 2017 I would say no to a few more things like events and social media and even to some people. I would tell myself to trust and rest and wait. I would tell myself I don’t have to figure it all out now. I also would encourage myself to keep being positive and not to fret when things look a little scary. I have definitely learned that God is a good who can throw some curve balls. I mean who moves in 8 days notice? Shoot! Did I mention we never saw that one coming?

So I’ll stop here and tomorrow we will dive into what our word for 2018 is and what we expect! We’d love to hear what 2017 was for you and what your biggest take aways were!

Here are is a big mix of our favorite photos from 2017 that made the blog! Enjoy!

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