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January 22, 2018 , Business


Every year we take a look at our mission and vision and re-adjust. This is the first year we noticed we needed to make more changes. In the past I have learned that changing EVERYTHING does not work but making small MICRO changes will slowly add up and create effectiveness. This year we are making these FIVE micro changes!


So in the past our THREE words were HONEST, BOLD and FEARLESS! We have never changed our words but this year it didn’t take much to realize that TIMELESS was far more important to us than FEARLESS. I remember wanting the word timeless back in 2014 but I felt like it was overplayed. I have learned there is a reason it is overplayed. IT IS TRUE! We want clients who understand the value of having timeless work created for them to pass down for generations to come. This just makes sense for us so we are loving our NEW words! HONEST, BOLD, and TIMELESS!



Instead of YEARLY goals we have decided to focus more on just a quarter at a time. We stink at goal making and always have a super ambitious January and by February 1st the goal sheet is out the window and reality sets it. This time we are making small baby steps and achieving our goals one quarter at a time!



What do we mean? We want to think through things more and not just jump to say yes with both big and small decisions. I am talking from shoots and weddings down to learning to say no Starbucks from time to time. This is something we need help with! We do not want to over commit, especially with a family!


  • 4. IMPACT over anything

YES we are a business and yes we need to provide for our family but our biggest decision for our work needs to be this. Our mission as a business is to leave some kind of life change. We want to keep IMPACT at our focus and if there is room for GREAT impact and finances are SECOND we need to learn to lean into our mission a little more and find out how we can leave that impact.


  • 5. NO to small purchases

As most of you know, Andrew is back to work full time outside of the business and this is a bummer in some ways. The biggest blessing though is we are finally paying things off and not gaining debt. We want to lean into this opportunity while we can and cut off all those extra coffee runs and cut corners where we can. Hustle NOW play later! This is the year for us to really crack down!

I encourage you to make a list of SMALL changes you can focus on for this QUARTER only. Shoot, maybe this week! What is something you can try and do different this week? I have found these small goals help me as an entrepreneur feel more effective.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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