3 Must haves missing from your checklist | For the Bride

November 23, 2015 , Bride Tips

3 Must haves missing from your checklist | For the Bride
Every bride and groom usually have a checklist that they are looking for in a photographer. Maybe you want two photographers, or you want them to capture candids, you want someone modern, you like natural editing, they MUST give you the files, they will be there all day, etc. We have seen and heard so many checklists but we have found there are a few things most couples don’t even know they should be looking for. As photographers, we know the ins and outs of the wedding industry more and more and here are few things we have learned that make a HUGE difference in your day when picking a photographer.

1. Time 

Photographers who have been in the industry long enough know that you can’t show up on the wedding day and not have a timeline in place! A photographer who shows up with out a plan usually causes you to feel chaotic, behind on time, and arriving late to your reception. Some may even miss the sunlight and have dark and underexposed photos. A great photographer will have a timeline meeting with you, ask for a family formal photo list, and more. So many of our brides thank us after the timeline meeting because they see their day organized right in front of them. It brings peace of mind and creates clear communication. This is a huge factor that is missed when picking a photographer. Be sure whoever you hire is willing to organize your day, is aware of the sunset, and will create a solid plan.

2. Confidence
Running around on your wedding day making sure your photographer didn’t forget something is not how you want to spend your day. A great photographer will know exactly how the day goes and will find the time to figure out what is important to you. If you are not confident in your photographer it could cause a bad attitude and lack of focus on what is important on your wedding day.
3. Friendship
Bob shows up an hour late on your wedding day and it may be the first time you have met him or the second after your brief consult. He puts his camera in your face and what do you get?? A fake smile, or an uncomfortable look. A great photographer will take the time to get to know you. They are easy to get a hold of and quick to respond. They will do your engagements to allow you to get used to them. By wedding day you trust them and and are comfortable. You find yourself relaxed and natural in front of the camera. Make sure your photographer cares about capturing YOU and your story and not just making money and getting the job done. Make sure they are personal and treat you like more than a friend and actually want to celebrate with you.
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