5 Signs You are Over Doing It

June 21, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


5 Signs You are Over Doing It | Business Tip Tuesday


Us creatives tend to have a hard time drawing boundaries. Work is fun but sometimes work starts to OWN us instead of us enjoying what we love to do. Here are five signs that you might be overdoing it and need to take a step back in some areas of your business.


ONE:     You no longer enjoy all the things you once loved.

Do you remember why you started your business? For me it was out of the passion and not for money. Running a business has a way of sneaking in there and stealing the joy behind our WHY and true love. Many people who over extend themselves in business lose their passion. Maybe you have taken on too much. A photographer shooting 30+ weddings, 100+ portraits, and who knows what else may need to find what their max is. Friends. There is a way to make money and for money not to MAKE you. Raising your prices, drawing boundaries, office hours, etc. will allow you to have more time to spend in the areas of life that rejuvenate you to do the work you love. If you can’t cut things out then consider outsourcing any responsibilities that you CAN pass on. Life is too short to do ONLY work. You will be sad one day looking back on all that you have missed. Part time or full time, draw those boundaries.


TWO:     The ones you love the most, see you the least.

The murmurs. They say you are too busy for them. They say you don’t care. Maybe they don’t say anything but you feel it. Children feel the effect of this the most but communicate it the least. When Emlyn feels pushed away and ignored by “work mommy” she throws fits, gets into things, and does anything for attention. I have learned that work HAS to wait until my family and the ones I love are taken care of first. Work will always be there waiting for me but the moments with my family are fleeting. Maybe you have lost friends because of your hard work ethic. My advice to you is that relationships that replenish you are VITAL in having a successful business. If it weren’t for us saying NO to work and YES to our friends we wouldn’t be half as strong as we are today. We are actually being better business people by allowing some time for relationships that help push us forward. Can I get an amen? Ha!


THREE:     You drop every thing you are doing when a client contacts you.

It doesn’t matter where you are at or who you are with, you drop everything when you get a text or an email. I am guilty of this at times too. This action literally tells those you are with that they are not as important. One thing I have tried to do is focus on being completely present in whatever I am doing. NO multi-tasking. Friend time is friend time. Email time is email time. Though we think we are making it better by stopping and taking care of something important, we are actually making other areas suffer too. Usually who ever we are with gets the brunt of our multitasking. Showing them that “it can wait later” will mean more than you think.


FOUR:    You do nothing for FUN outside of your business. 

Us creatives have it hard because what we LOVE is also our job. I often can’t tell my FUN a part from business because it is what I enjoy doing. I have found it to be so important to spend time weekly on something that is not an obligation or that provides any source of income. Maybe that is friend time for you, or painting, drawing, singing, dancing, hiking, you name it. Do something that benefits YOU and you only.


FIVE:    You complain, A LOT!

I read and hear this all of the time. So many creatives just seem miserable. They complain about their clients, the industry, and the list goes on. I know that there are things we need to vent about BUT when it is consistent and no JOY is expressed, that is different. Make sure that you are finding the things you are GRATEFUL for just as much as the things that are challenging. Changing your mindset is a process but you are going to make yourself feel more stressed out by focusing on all of the negative. Remember that other creatives are watching you and they might need a little bit of encouragement just like you. Spread some sunshine!

So maybe you are over doing it in some areas like me! I hope these areas I brought up help you take a step back and look at how you operate in your business. Running a business is demanding but it doesn’t have to OWN you. Here is to taking a step in the direction of running your business in freedom.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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