Make Your Work Worth More | Business Tip Tuesday

November 17, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Make Your Work Worth More | Business Tip Tuesday

The biggest investment you can make in your business is your brand. A great brand instantly makes your worth look MORE! Your website, consult boxes, cards, anything you put in front of them should look suited and done well. A great brand can easily make your work look like it is worth more!
2. Editing
The biggest difference in a high end photographer and someone who is charging $1800 or less is usually their editing skills. Editing is the cheapest, easiest way to increase the quality of your photos and just requires some time to learn. For me the biggest giveaway that someone is cheaper is skin tones and an overly warm picture. Honing in on your white balance in post processing (or expodisc), and crafting your editing style will make a huge difference in your worth. P.s Recently what changed my colors like crazy was learning to take out the yellowish greens in our photos. A lime green grass just doesn’t look right. I myself am tempted to go back over all of our weddings last year and fix that one area. Oh and one more thing… If you want your worth to look MORE… Skip selective color! Please please! If you want to know why just ask!
3. Experience

Anyone can be a photographer. It’s so easy to buy a decent camera and go out and shoot a session. But not everyone provides an experience like you can. Andrew and I increased our value by simply investing more time and thought into our clients, We developed a gift giving system, surprises song the way, and relationship building meetings. Our clients feel important, encouraged, organized, and relaxed.

4. Be YOU
As a staple in your business always stay true to yourself. Don’t spend time looking around at what others do. Don’t copy. Their is no value in that. The value in your business is you.

things that increase our worth. Find creative ways to represent who you are and your style. As a filter always run all your ideas through a “WHY am I doing this?” and through if it fits with who you are.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,
Andrew + Chrissy
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