5 CONNECTION POINTS {Business Tip Tuesday}

July 28, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


5 CONNECTION POINTS {Business Tip Tuesday}


When life is as crazy as it has been for us it can be really challenging to sit down and figure out what to blog or post about. The truth is, my brain is moving so fast I just can’t seem to grab a thought and expand on it. A few months ago I read an article by Sue Bryce on blogging and posting and I loved her concept. I took her advice and expanded upon it and I use this as my go to sheet when I need to figure out what to blog or post about!


1. Something personal

2. Something I have been inspired by (not my own words or advice)

3. Something encouraging (for brides and for photographers)

4. Something NEW– Updates on what is going on, what is coming soon, new photos etc

5. Something OLD– Wedding from a few years ago, an old blog post, a review etc.

I have something I want to tell you… you don’t HAVE to BLOG as much as you think. The truth is you should be engaging your fans in some way everyday, whether it be Instagram, Facebook or your blog.. but it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be on your blog. Sometimes I get caught in the trap that I should blog about it rather than engage a different area of business. Not everyone is going to read your blog, some love a simple status or Instagram post. So, I make sure I am hitting those areas of connection mentioned above in one of my platforms every week. The pressure to blog it all is gone when I can just make a simple Instagram or Facebook post. NOW.. blogging is important and great for your SEO and business in general but everything needs to have a balance. Reach out and connect to your fans in some way, that is what is important!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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