Celebrating 2015 | Business Tip Tuesday

January 5, 2016 , Wedding


Celebrating 2015 | Business Tip Tuesday

I think so many of us have the tendency to wipe the slate clean and start all over when we see January 1st. The truth is though that with OUT 2015.. you wouldn’t be able to get where you are going in 2016! We had some bumps and bruises in 2015 but we feel it is important to focus on the things that SHOULD be celebrated instead! We know that 2015 had some amazing accomplishments and because of those our 2016 is going to be even better. Let me clear this up though. BETTER does not mean BUSIER. Success is all in how you define it and for us it is never determined by how busy we are. I encourage you to take the time to write out your highlights of the year. They could be business, or personal, whatever YOU define as highlight moments of 2015. Not what others may deem as successful. There is always something to be thankful for and this blog was a really good way to remind us of all the good things! Here are 12 of our most significant memories of 2015!

1. Held our first A+C Workshop


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We really had no intention on doing a workshop so early on but we found after blogging to new photographers we had a big following of photographers who really wanted to gleen information from us. Just like that we had 8 photographers ready for us to do a workshop. We kept it simple but our hearts were so full! That was probably one of the most tiring days of our lives but at the end of the night we just wanted to explode. The feeling of knowing you helped someone else to keep going in their business is unlike any we have ever felt. The coolest thing is we walked away from the workshop with some really awesome friendships AND we have got to see the growth in their businesses first hand.




2. Celebrated six years of marriage

So you may think it is just one more year but to us it is huge! We come from families where marriage is a commitment easily broken. Our marriage was tested the first few years but we overcame. Every year we celebrate that we are beating the statistic. Marriage is something that should be celebrated, whether its been a week, month, or 20 years!


3. Featured on 11 different blogs

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Submitting our work is a gut wrenching feeling. I can remember when we first started thinking shooting together thinking that we should submit our work right away but our work just wasn’t ready yet. This last year we had some amazing weddings and sessions and I was thrilled to see so many accepted and published. We were published on The Inspired Bride, Senior Style Guide, The Daily Wedding, Up, Up and Away Weddings, A Golden Locket, Magazine Mama and more!



4. Shot our first destination wedding

When Dan and Michelle inquired for their September beach wedding we couldn’t believe it! One of the things on our goal list was to shoot a destination wedding in 2015 and we did it! It was an amazing experience. The weather was our biggest challenge but we overcame! Here is to hoping for more!


5. Moved to Columbus


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It was a long awaited decision for us to pack up our life in PA and move to Ohio. Our business was growing fast, youth ministry was awesome, and we loved where life was going. Something hit us though and we knew that it didn’t stop for us in PA. We prayed and the opportunity to join The FC in Ohio became more and more a part of our heart. We took the plunge in July to move during the busiest time of the year and it was chaotic but we DID IT! We are stoked about building our business here, moving into our new home, and finally setting down some roots for our family! We also can’t wait to see The FC become all that God has for it. This little church has a lot of love packed into it and it is going nowhere but up.

6. Met our goals
2015 was our first full year as Andrew + Chrissy. We relaunched in June of 2014 and that was when we started taking on more weddings. We thought 15 weddings was a bit of stretched out goal but we put it down anyways. I don’t even understand how so many people found us and booked us being so new! It was an amazing feeling to meet couples who loved us and our work and it was such an encouraging year for our first full wedding season. Beyond our number goals we reached a lot of our other goals as well.


7. Mentored and rebranded other photographers

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At the beginning of the year we started pouring into other photographers right away, it was also another goal for us. In January alone we met with three local PA photographers and we were a complete open book to them. Through out the year we mentored 10+ photographers and rebranded 3 of them as well.


8. Joined Tuesday’s Together

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Moving to Columbus has had its ups and downs but we could have not asked for a more perfect group to fall into place for us. Just as we were moving The Rising Tide Society happened and Tuesday’s Together was launched. We have met more photographers and vendors here in the short few months we have been a part of this group than we ever did in PA. It is an amazing feeling to belong to a community that stands for the same things. Shoot, we even found our amazing accountant and new friend from it!




9. First Wedding Show
We have always been resistant to do wedding shows but we felt that we needed to do one just to let people know we are HERE and meet some local vendors. Though we didn’t book any weddings from it, we met an awesome dj, wedding planners, graphic designers, and more. We have seen some real connection happen just from being a part of the show.


10. Traveled to Florida, New York, Kentucky, and North Carolina

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Andrew and I are true travel bugs and this year we probably traveled less than last year but we still made our rounds. In May we went to Jacksonville, FL to attend a wedding and also shot a wedding in New York. In July we went to Kentucky for a getaway trip. We traveled back and forth from Ohio to PA 9 times in three months, and we traveled 11 hours to North Carolina WITH Emlyn for our destination wedding. Lastly, we headed out to Lancaster, PA for a six hour car ride to visit our photography friends Mike and Brittney!




11. Got a new SMILE!

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After nearly all my life of dealing with dental nightmares, it is all over. It is still unreal to me. My teeth are so white and pretty! I am just glad I have teeth and that journey made me realize a lot. My new mouth gave me something I can’t describe to you!



12. Vintage Senior Styled Shoot


We had our first ever styled shoot and it was with a group of seniors here in Ohio! It was tons of fun and has sparked lots of ideas for the future! Now we just need to do some wedding styled shoots so we can check that off too!







We would love to hear some of your highlights of 2015 and even what some of your goals are for 2016!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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