Rise or Fall | Business and Personal

January 26, 2016 , Business


Rise or Fall | Business and Personal


We feel like we are in a unique situation where we have to start our whole business over again. No one knows we are here physically in our industry but we think this is GOOD. Why? I have been trying to focus on the silver lining in it all and there are so many reasons why this season in our life and business is actually a GOOD thing. I feel like that nagging voice in my head always wants me to be an eternal pessimist. The truth is the lies that so frequently try to creep into my head can be shut down by just focusing on all the good that can come from it. Here is how…

The lies tell me that our business is going to fail, that no one will find us and that we should just move on. The truth says to me that it is going to be OK and that our family needs time to huddle in and transition.. How would we transition if we were booked solid with weddings? We would fall apart! Family is most important.

The lies tell me that we are taking a step backwards and losing it all by moving here. The truth tells me that we built our business one time from the ground up and thought it was AWESOME but how awesome and credible does it make us if we build our business AGAIN, in a new city, from the ground up. I think that sounds pretty amazing!

The lies tell me that we are too expensive, that we aren’t as good and the competition is just too stiff. The truth tells me that we will only be successful if we price ourselves for our true value, that there is no price tag on spending time away from our baby girl, and that we are called to work with the exact couples that commission us for their wedding day… That competition doesn’t matter and that WHO we are EFFECTING and CHANGING in this business is what matters not how many.

So, maybe I am lying to myself. Maybe you think that I am losing it and should be frantic that we don’t have more weddings or that our business might fail. For me, I know that the plans of the Lord never fail and that whatever He has for us will happen. This business was only ever created to be a tool for Him to use in whatever way He wants. This business is His. Rise or fall, we trust Him through it all.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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