Follow the Old Dirt Road

December 17, 2014 , Business


Follow the Old Dirt Road

*This is not our image, it is a stock photo from
*This is not our image, it is a stock photo from

Today, Mary Marantz posted something that just made me break… in a good way!  It was the words I needed to hear to get honest with myself.  I tend to be a person who holds how I really feel in. I try to hold everything together and then at some point it comes crashing down like a really good game of Jenga. Just like we slowly try to remove a block to make sure it is still standing.. I do the same. Slowly I start getting stripped down until it just breaks. This is not something I take pride in and I actually do not recommend it.  BUT I want to be honest with you in hopes that someone else needs to hear it!

My eyes have been shedding many tears because I am starting to process how I really feel. I know this about myself now. I need to breathe. Slow down. I can’t make things happen faster. I can’t fix anything. My head spins around but there is a whisper telling me to breathe and let go… to trust. This season is hard but I know this is necessary. Sometimes we want the good but we are not willing to pay the price to get there. Today I cry not because I struggle but because I know fully that this is all going to be worth it.

Keep on keeping on when things get tough and know all things will come together for your good. Your dreams are worth it. You would never sign up for the road to reach your dreams if you had the choice.. You would just want a direct flight…the easier route!  The longer way may seem like a waste, or your getting too dirty along the way but it is the experiences you face in the detour that makes you strong.

Today I choose to slow down, breathe, follow the old dirt road, and trust that one day our “this was worth it” moments will happen!  You are called to do great things.. and they will happen.. but first we must finish the journey on the old dirt road.

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