8 Photography Blogging Tips

June 2, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


8 Photography Blogging Tips {Business Tip Tuesday}

Blogging is something I am still learning about and I have been studying how to improve on more recently. I have been listening to podcasts, reading articles and books and more. I have put together some of the best tips that I have implemented into our blog and I think you will get a lot out of them. These are great tips if you are just starting to blog or have blogged and feel like you can’t get any traction! Though I am still learning how to be a better blogger, I can tell you that these following principles work!


1. Blog regularly and consistently 

Know what you can do and how often. Set a schedule for yourself for the days you know you will be able to blog. We blog Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.

Blogging consistently helps your readers know what to expect and keeps them coming back for more. The best part is googles robots recognize the pattern in your blogging and it boosts your search engine visibility. 60% of the web is robots and 40% of those are Google robots… Scheduling at the same time weekly and having content that has a consistent schedule will help your blog be recognized and boosted organically.

2. Find your own place

Who are you as an artist? What is the one thing you want to stand for? Finding who you are is so important when it comes to blogging. It can be overwhelming to start a blog but it shouldn’t be once you have a clear vision in mind. If you have a clear vision and stick to the things that fuel you, you will enjoy it. Pick the topics based off of who you are and your style and stick to those as your focus. You don’t need to blog it ALl.. personal, business, advice, etc.. Only pick the ones that are true to yourself and your style.

3. Think about everything you blog and ask if it matches who you are as an artist. 
This goes with the top one but be sure to filter your blogs through those topics. If it doesn’t fit in your branding and style don’t blog about it. You never want to contradict your style and brand by writing words that don’t fit.
4. Have a blogging plan
Schedule out your blogs by using a planner or third party app.  Do the things that come easier more often and plan out the things you procrastinate on.  We do not blog the day OF, rather we blog every Monday for the entire week. If we have something else to say than GREAT but we know we will at least blog three days a week because that is what we have time for. Again, get honest with yourself about what you CAN do.
5. 300 words
Be sure every blog post is a minimum of 300 words so that google can crawl the post well. It is also is great to have at least 300 to really engage your audience.
6. Repurpose content and spread it out 
Share something you wrote about three months ago, or a year ago. Don’t be afraid to re-share blogs or even rewrite them a little. Your audience may change and their are people who will appreciate seeing some things again. If you have a week where you wrote 5 blogs out or have a series.. hold on to them. Spread your blogs out wisely and help give yourself some down time with blogging. Also, re-sharing helps boost your SEO. Be sure whatever you reshare is only something you want to shoot again or something you still want to stand for.
7. Guides and ebooks
Take the content from your blog posts and make a guide for wedding clients and photographers (How to do a barn wedding right, picking colors, florals, etc.)
8. Writing is an art form
Writing goes hand and hand with photography and should be thought through and written well. It is another form of art and is offer overlooked by photographers as an art form. Don’t just write things that come to mind but think through who you are as an artist.
Sharing, serving, and celebrating,
Andrew + Chrissy
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