Productive Traveling | Business Tip Tuesday

November 1, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


Productive Traveling | Business Tip Tuesday



We were driving to Lexington, KY this weekend and about two hours into the drive, I realized we do the same thing almost every time we travel! Andrew is always the one who drives and he loves to listen to music and play drums on the steering wheel. Most of our traveling time that leaves me and all my thoughts in my head. Over the years I have developed some habits while traveling in the car and even when we fly to help make this time productive.

1. Blog

The first thing I noticed I almost always do whether we are on a plane or driving in the car is that I write blogs. Yup! I sat at my desk all week last week with writers block, but we hit the highway and my mind was flooded with ideas. I think one thing that helps too is that I avoid social media at all cost when driving because of cellular data and obviously you can’t use the internet when flying. This leaves me with very few options that are offline to get distracted and opening my notes and typing away seems to be the most productive choice. I wrote four blog posts in about an hour and it felt so good!


2. Pre-plan

I have a to-do list on my phone that I keep right inside my notes. I love using the notes tool because it syncs to my iMac and Macbook. It never fails that once I am in the car and away from my desk, I think of a million things that needs done. Instead of getting overwhelmed, I always write everything down and put them into days and make a plan of attack for when we return back to work. I also write out in future blog ideas on the calendar so I know what blogs to work on next. This is great because when I sit down at my desk, it is all right there for me to do.


3. Vision

Usually when Emlyn falls asleep in the back of the car the music gets turned down a little and Andrew and I are almost always thinking about the same things. Some of our biggest business ideas have come while traveling with a sleeping toddler in the back. Some of our biggest family discussions have also come during this time. We talk about what we want in life, what we are sick of, what hasn’t been working, what might work in the future, and so much more. I am sure when our second little lady comes we might not find all this time of solitude and thinking, but for now this works for us. For me there is something about driving and looking down an open highway and thinking of our future.


4. Me time

I almost always open up my app, “She Reads Truth” and do my devotional (or a few). Their is something about being on the open road and being inspired by the scriptures. Truthfully, most of the time it’s that time I spent getting some encouragement from the Bible that helps me think more clearly about our business and our blog.

So for your next road trip when you are sitting passenger side, don’t let the time get away from you. Resting is always good too; I do that too on occasion! Ha!  But if you can’t sleep and have a million things on your mind.. go for it! Some of my most productive time in business is from hitting the open road!

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