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April 30, 2015 , Personal





*Picture is from our plane ride to Santa Barbara February 2014!

Andrew and I have lots of dreams and goals. Some business..some not. Over the last year we have seen lots of our goals HAPPEN and I feel like we are doing an awful job recording them and remembering. So I wanted to make a blog post clarifying what they are and WHEN they happen.. I want to tell you all about it so that we can look back on them and remember! This year we had a goal to book a destination wedding and WE DID and we had a gold to book 15 weddings and WE DID! So we are off to a good start! Last year we got to cross off California because we have dreamed to go there since we first met in 2006.  So let’s see what else we need to cross off!

Some of these are I want to GO some of these are I want to BUY.. lol but needless to say they are GOALS and dreams!

1. Bora Bora

Since Andrew and I were dating we dreamed of a bungalow in Tahiti. We thought we would make it there for our 5 year anniversary but we didn’t know the transition we would be in. Life looks so much different than we thought it would 6-8 years ago. It is still a very REAL dream of ours to GET THERE and we are trying to make it happen. We have Hilton rewards and a mileage plus card so we are working hard at a FREE trip! I predict in the next 2 years we will get to go.. We shall see!

2. Book a European wedding

Andrew and I love to travel! Our hopes is to one day travel for nearly every wedding.. where ever it takes us! But one thing we always talk about is how cool it would be to go to Rome, London, Paris, etc.. to shoot a wedding! We love the feel of Europe and we would love to explore the city with a couple in love like us.

3. Buy a house for hosting

Andrew and I have always had a desire for bigger homes. I mean this in the most non “I WANT TO BE WEALTHY” way haha. I could really care less if it as a new home or older but I do LOVE a home with character. Anyways.. we have always had a heart to use our home to serve. One of my gifts is definitely hospitality and I love to throw parties and serve people in my house. I will admit I usually forget to take coats and offer drinks.. but I want people to know my home is there home. Andrew and I look at 5 bedroom homes all of the time because we think of the people we could help in need, the families that could stay with us when visiting, and all of the parties we could have.

4. Four wheelers 

Along with the house we want a yard that is GIANT so we can have four wheelers! We talk about this kind of joking but we totally see our home full of teenagers and four wheeling being the thing to do. Though the danger kind of scares me.. my husband is the safest four wheel driver ever and I know he will train our kids to ride them well.

5. Alaska

We talk about Alaska frequently when we think of places to travel and we would love to visit.. maybe even a cruise! Or maybe a wedding up there? Who knows !

6. Complete Drum Set

This is one just for Andrew though I would like to see it happen too. He has had a beautiful drum kit for years but no symbols! It is pretty sad that something like this is making to the bucket list.. but it is a desire he has had for a long time!

7. Have a dream office space

We don’t know what this looks like but we are flexible. We dream of having an office space that is not in an unfinished attic that we can’t stand up in. We dream of having TWO DESKS, TWO COMPUTERS.. and the ability to both work in the same room. We have kicked around the idea of having a separate building from home just to work and meet clients in. And we have also kicked around just building a nice home office.. and we have also kicked around building a small studio on a piece of property.. We really are open to whatever happens but this is a big desire!

8. Skydiving

We love thrill and adventure and we are roller coaster junkies! Skydiving has always been on our list and we just haven’t got around to it yet!

9. Tattoo’s

Are you surprised? We have talked about tattoos for years. I go back on forth on what I really want so I haven’t made the move until I know I want something permanent.. Andrew is just waiting for an extra $130 to come and he will be taking off I have a feeling haha!

10. New car

New but old car. We have drove around our 2002’s for a long time and they aren’t looking so good but they also don’t run as well as they used to. We have forked over a lot of money in repairs.. so we are hoping to buy a used vehicle that is NEW to us soon! Most likely an SUV for weddings and family purposes.

11. Phoenix, Charleston, and Seattle

We want to shoot in these three areas because we want that LIGHT! We have never been to any of them and look forward to the day we can take some small trips to just take our cameras and shoot!

12. New York City

Andrew spent about an hour in NYC when he had a lay over but we have always talked about going to the city. We want to see all of the tourist sites but we also want to visit Hillsong NYC, see Jimmy Fallon LIVE and maybe even stop by the Today show! We also would love to shoot a wedding there one day too!

I think we have more where this came from but this is a great start! Let us know what is on your list of dreams and dos! We want to hear!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy




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