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March 7, 2018 , Personal


It has been awhile since we had a light hearted, fun blog post so why not today? We have been through so many changes in our personal and business life that I think I don’t realize just how much internet world may NOT know! It is a good season and so much to look forward to! So here are some questions and answers that give you a glimpse into what we are up to!

1. What is your favorite thing to eat as a family right now?

CHINESE! We order from our local Chinese restaurant in Granville at least once a week! Can anyone say.. GENERAL TSO!


2. How is the new house? –

SO we love it! It is not all rainbows over here but we have learned that no house is. We have always envisioned ourself with a large two story house in a neighborhood or out in the middle of nowhere with tons of land. We are in neither of those. We have an acre and a half and we live in a big ranch in the middle of somewhere but on the outside of it. We are getting used to well water, stink bugs, and all things country. There are also easy and exciting things too like neighbors or bring us house plants, chicken eggs, and more. We never envisioned this but it is exactly what we need. Right now we only rent this house but our landlords are open to selling to us so who knows!


3. Isn’t Andrew still at Amazon? –

YUP! He loves it! Some days he struggles because he wants more time with the kids and the business but for the most part he has peace about it. He has made so many relationships there and is excelling. There is opportunity for another promotion that could change things for him practically so we are weighing the pros and cons. What we do KNOW is that Amazon is helping us pay off debt (anyone remember those pesky dental loans?), and get ahead for once. We do not see him being there long term but we are taking the opportunity as a way to build a foundation for our family. For the most part Amazon works so well the business. Andrew has tons of time off options and it has never interfered! That in itself is a huge blessing.


4. Sometimes you post things about church? What is up with that?-

So, Andrew and I relocated to Ohio back in 2016 to help a brand new church plant as their associates. We jumped in too soon and realized we needed to take some steps back and catch our breath from the seven years we spent in student ministry in PA. We needed to prioritize and work on us for a little while and we did. We have slowly been serving more and more and we play a pretty big role in our church now. Andrew is more of the MC at church and does all the announcements and takes care of the flow of service. He occasionally speaks so that our Pastor gets a break and he helps plan for the vision of the church. I handle everything creatively and media wise. Website, social media, slides, marketing, branding, etc. It keeps us busy! Especially now that our church was given a building and we have been renovating and gearing up for our big grand opening.


5. The Kiddos-

Emlyn is FIVE and huge. She wears a size 10/12. She is ginormous. She played basketball this winter with 6 and seven year olds and was still the tallest on her team. She is kindergarten at a christian school and loves it. She is miss attitude most days and momma struggles but I know it is because she is strong like me. She is her daddies world still and I love that. He adores her. Aydah Joy is going to be one THIS month and is just as sweet as ever. She is a happy baby and loves to eat. She loves to be on the go and is so good when we are out and about. Sleeping is not her strongest suit right now for some reason but she always sleeps at least 8 or 9 hours before waking up. We are having a party for her this month with just close friends and family and we cant wait! It is a flower theme and will be a brunch.


6. What do you guys do for fun?-

We have been having people over a lot more. We love inviting our neighbors, friends, and people we haven’t got to connect with over. We usually cook dinner or get chinese and just talk. Emlyn usually makes us play Jenga or Headbands but we all love it! Hosting has always been one of our favorite things to do as a couple and it was hard with our living situations since we have lived in Ohio. It has been so nice the last 6 months to have a home again and one that is the BEST for parties.  If we do not have people over we might be working on the house, going to buy decor, grabbing ice cream, or heading down to Granville.


7. What are you excited for?-

With the business growing and Andrew moving up at Amazon I am stoked that soon we may be able to get part time childcare. This will help me have a better routine for work and focus on work during work and mom life when I need to. We are also excited that this year we have a full wedding season again and can’t wait for that! We love what we do! Lastly, PAINT! We bought our first two cans of paint to start painting the house (landlords are letting us do whatever we want) and we can’t wait to see the cream go and make this place more our own!

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