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January 11, 2017 , Personal


All Things Personal | Personal
Ok, I am taking a business break and talking all things personal! With wedding season finally over and the “off-season” in swing, it usually picks up in the personal department. This year is extra special since we are expecting our second girl April 3rd. Off season feels more like ON! I am in full nesting itching and Andrew is always telling me to slow down. It’s good for me. He brings balance! Ha! We have had some changes to our schedules and weekly routines and it actually feels good! So, whats new?

  1. We started a new small group with our church on Wednesdays. Andrew and I are facilitating it, but we are just excited to build community with the people from our church. This picture is awful, but you get the gist. We are going through Ephesians. We are doing more than just reading it; we actually have a 10-minute video every week by J.D. Greer. They are done so well and take you to a different place in the scriptures. We are excited to grow with all of the families and have this every week for the next three months.


2. Emlyn is back to tumbling class on Thursday nights and swim lessons on Monday mornings so she is happy to have some things to do every week! We also joined a gym a few months back so I have been disciplining myself to try and go three times a week with Emlyn now so she can play in their play place and swim. It gets us both doing something active and usually helps those afternoon naps go a little better! The picture on the right also shows her with her NEW bedding. We are getting ready to move her room into the other bedroom to make the smaller room for the baby. She loves change just like her mommy so she is excited to start working on that soon!


3. Speaking of that! I now spend all my time on Pinterest, again, which is so funny! I haven’t been on there in over a year and now its like my favorite place to go on my phone. It is kind of nice to look at something else other than Facebook and Instagram! I am pinning all things baby! Since I found out we were having a girl I felt like I immediately saw flowers for this baby. The quote, “In a field of roses, she is a wildflower” is what I want to base around her nursery decor ! I am obsessed! Once we start setting the crib and stuff up over the next few weeks I will be busy crafting away! Pictures are from Pinterest! P.S… the letter in the picture is the babies first initial! We will tell you her name soon!

4. We went on a double date night with my sister-in-law Anisa (Andrew’s TWIN) and her boyfriend Billy. Billy is a chef for a Mexican restaurant in downtown Columbus by Nationwide Arena called Nada. He has been telling us about it so we were excited to go and try it! It is amazing! The kitchen crew and Billy gave us ROYAL treatment and made up all kinds of stuff that isn’t even on the menu! They presented everything so beautifully and it tasted unbelievable! My pregnant self has never been so happy!

4. Lastly but most important, Andrew started a NEW job this week at the newly built Amazon fulfillment center in Etna, OH (five minutes east of our home). We have been tossing around the idea of him working out of the house this winter since it is the off-season and ours will be extended a little bit with the baby coming in April. We technically have 6-7 months before weddings start again for us. We both really want to get ahead with our finances and felt like this was a great time for him to find something while things are calm in the business world. We are unsure how long he will be working there, but we know it is right for now. Andrew LOVES it. The benefits are awesome, the environment is good, and he gets to work with robots! haha! We are all finding our new normal with daddy out of the house through the day but it is bringing more organization into place for all of us which is really good. We will talk more on that soon!


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