Audacious and Radical 2015

January 5, 2015 , Business


Audacious and Radical 2015audacious_FUN

In August my brain shifted. I couldn’t stop thinking about 2015. I wanted to live in the now but I felt this excitement for what was to come for the following year. I have never been one to make New Years resolutions or get super goal oriented so I knew this shift was bigger than myself. During my quiet time with the Lord I felt that He declared “Audacious faith and radical love” over our 2015. A year of crazy, tenacious. faith. Throwing fears aside and going all in! The willingness to jump in to something  blind. The faith to do things that make no sense but feel right because you just know it is Him.

I have never been a person to “wait” or say.. well when the Lord brings it! My faith has always had this “GO GET IT” attitude. I am a firm believer that sometimes God just wants us to be BRAVE.. to jump with out seeing and not think we have to see all of the puzzle pieces. It wouldn’t really be faith if we had to “wait” all of the time for Him to show us everything to do. Ok YES! I know we are called to WAIT upon the Lord sometimes and I can go on about that for a long time! It is good to wait on Him! To know! To hear Him! s That is not what I am saying. I am saying there is a time when Jesus says GO. Don’t be afraid. Walk with me, look to me, and I will guide you. YOU can’t fix it, you CAN’T figure it out, and you need to have faith in me that I will work this out. He often says come.. take the first step. Put your foot in the water. take that first step and THEN I will show you all of the steps to follow. Sometimes He just wants that FIRST step to be out of COMPLETE FAITH and OBEDIENCE.

Last year I felt the Lord say to me.. stop. Now you are getting ahead of me. I was trying to make things happen faster. So I let go and served my best, loved my best, and kept on doing what I knew He had before me.As I tell my self “SLOW YOUR ROLL!” As soon as I got a little comfortable with everything .. He started saying ok… lets take a step now. Let’s go! Well my friends.. this time.. it looks a little scarier. Actually it looks a lot scarier. Now I see nothing.. but I hear everything. I know the Lord spoke those words to me for this upcoming season in Andrew and I’s lives. We are facing so many changes in our lives and so many of them are yet to be seen or known. I know He is calling us to have the audacity to do the crazy. To have the tenacity to OBEY and trust the steps will follow.

This is what it all boils down to:

1. I want to respond to everything in FAITH. I want to be TENACIOUS with my faith and believe for things I always thought would never happen. I want people to think we are CRAZY.. crazy for jumping. Crazy for believing.

2. I want to GIVE and LOVE radically. I want to respond with LOVE when it is completely unnatural. I want to serve those who think they can’t be served. I want to give when I have only a penny to give. I want to share, serve, and lay myself down.

I know my blog is so vague and I am sure it leaves you thinking all kinds of things. I promise. It is all good things and full of the DREAMS and visions we have for our life. It is a lot of change but we have a lot of faith! In due time God will reveal more to us and walk us along this path. We pray that you will make this year better than last! We pray that you will quiet yourself and listen to what God is asking of you this year. It could be one word or a phrase. Cancel out that todo list you have for 2015. Stop worrying about all of the goals you failed at last year and thinking you can get to them now. One word from Him, one phrase.. can change everything in your life. You can apply it everywhere. Maybe He wants you to be BRAVE, maybe He wants you to BELIEVE, maybe He wants you to be INTENTIONAL, OR DEVOTED, OR TO SIMPLIFY, MODIFY, or just LOVE. What is it?

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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