Authenticity OVER Perfection

February 4, 2019 , Business



I am a scroller and I follow a lot of creatives on all of my social media platforms. Most of the time I feel inspired but sometimes I swallow a little too much inspiration and I start to feel defeated. This time of year is always a vision time for us in our business and we start to ask all of the hard questions. “What didn’t work? What needs to be different? Where are our weakest areas?” With those hard ones we also ask the good ones. “What makes us come alive? What did we do well at?” Somewhere in my mind during this process I came to the conclusion that we HAD TO GET a new website ASAP. Then as the stress grew and I stepped back from my overly creative saturated newsfeed I realized something.

I realized the list I was making was for perfection. I realized that there were tangible to-do’s I could be doing that I wasn’t. By focusing on what everyone else was doing, I lost site of what I needed to really focus on. One of my favorite things to say is “God isn’t going to give you what’s next until you have done everything you can with what you ALREADY have”. I believe in being a good steward and using what you have to the best of its ability and THEN waiting until you are almost forced to what is next because of growth. I absolutely want to go spend thousands of dollars on a killer new website and branding BUT I realized I had not used what I have NOW.. the best that I could. I want to be real with myself. So that has me asking..  How I can show who we are more, show our passion, and use the tools that we have now?’

The thing I love about this is that it would be EASY to give someone money and say go create something awesome for us. It challenges me as a creative to maximize what I have before moving on. I am not sure why I needed to share this but I thought there might be someone else out there feeling the pressure to do what everyone else is doing like me. This doesn’t have to be business related either. I think we all can feel pressure to be like others or do what we see around us. I want to join hands with you and tell you.. that might be the thing that is next for you.. and it MIGHT NOT. Take a step back and see what you can do now. See what micro changes you can make that make a large impact. Try not to make irrational moves and rather see what you can tweak first and don’t overwhelm yourself with a list you are not ready for.

It is ok to be you and to walk your own course. A matter of fact, it is better. Authenticity is ALWAYS more powerful than perfection.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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