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October 31, 2016 , Bride Tips


Authenticity vs. Trend | Bride Tips


Many of our clients and friends have heard us say that barn weddings are not our favorites. I have thought on that more and discovered this isn’t completely true.  There is a bigger truth I want to expound on that lies behind this statement. For the longest time, barn weddings were all over Pinterest and every wedding blog and magazine. The next thing you know, every inquiry coming in was a barn wedding. Mason jars were clogging my newsfeed and they were the new hot thing! Don’t get me wrong because I love a good mason jar with babies breath, but what I didn’t love is this.

I know a lot of people who look back on their wedding and laugh at the trends they had. My parents laugh about the puffy sleeves and our friends in their forties laugh about the pastel colors and big wedding hats. So I often ask myself, what are the things our generation is going to look back on and say, “What was I thinking?” Now with Pinterest and all of the amazing resources for wedding planning, we are always spoon fed with what the hottest thing is right now! There are so many beautiful and great ideas. We want to help any future brides out there sort through what would be a good idea for THEM or not! Not every idea on Pinterest is going to be a good fit for you wedding day.

So here are some questions to ask yourself when planning your wedding and searching for inspiration: 

1. What kind of venue for our wedding would best represent US as a couple? 

  • Are you a couple who loves to hike, spend time outdoors, maybe even you were raised in the country and love all things rustic? Well then, a barn or outdoor themed wedding would make perfect sense for you! Are you a couple that enjoys big cities, architecture, Victorian charm and classic parties? Maybe a mansion wedding or downtown elegant hotel might suite you best. The point I am making here is that there are venues that make sense for you and your fiancé’s life and story. Ask yourself when looking at venues, “Does this help tell our story?” (P.s. the couple above got married at a winery/barn and it made perfect sense for their day!)


2. What color scheme and style best represent us and our bridal party? 

  • Ok, imagine this: you have a bunch of younger college students in the bridal party, a couple who met in college at a Halloween party, and the bride always has bright colors on, has a huge bright smile and you should see how she decorated! Everything is so bold and colorful! BUT their wedding day was all soft yellows and cremes and super formal gowns that the girls can’t move in.. Ok, so I painted a pretty detailed picture here, but I want you to see the contrast as best as I can explain. I am a true advocate that your wedding colors, style and all the details should all be pieces that help people know who you and your fiancée are. Pick bridal party gowns that you and your girls love and are comfortable in. Maybe that dress you saw on Pinterest is cute, but for YOUR girls is it really the best gown or gowns to fit in with your story and how you want the day to really feel? Also, pick a wedding dress that you feel is the most like you! Which one do you feel totally yourself in? Which one makes you jump up and down over excitement? Never settle! What groom tux or suit gets your fiancé actually kind of excited and not agitated? I know not all of these things can appease everyone but I think looking at your details from this perspective really helps you narrow down all the choices out there. For me, pastels would never go over for me! I am a person who loves bold colors and contrast and everyone knows that! So ,what does everyone know about you?



3. How do I know if they are the right vendor for me?

  • From DJ to photographer to cake artist, there are important questions to ask yourself when selecting a vendor. Is there style what you want? Maybe the price is right but can they achieve what you want? If you want a certain style cake, it’s probably a good idea to find someone who has made something similar. If you want a DJ who gets the party started, I would pay close attention to his personality, read reviews, and find out what others say. With a photographer it’s pretty easy to tell if a photographer shoots your style of wedding. Look at their work and choose a photographer your confident will capture your wedding and all of its details well. With all vendors, it can also be really important that your personality works well with theirs. Never settle on picking one because you heard they were good or the price is right. It can be a huge disappointment when the vendors turn out completely different from what you envisioned.

The truth is who you are NOW might be a lot different years down the road, but you will be able to look back and know you stayed true to yourself and didn’t just jump on a trend. Some trends fit exactly into what I like so I know it’s possible to have a trendy wedding and still be authentic. Finding the right ones for you is most important!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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