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June 29, 2017 , Personal


Aydah Joy turned three months a few days ago so mommy did a thirty second photoshoot. You know, the one right before all the cries because she was hungry! This girl looks right at the phone or camera when you take her picture. When Emmy was this age she would scream at me and pull on her face. Needless to say, I am still telling you these two are night and day! So here is your baby update!

  1. She is HUGE. Ok not huge but BIG! She was in the 98% percentile for everything at her last check up and is now filling out 6 month clothing and on to some 9 month.
  2. She smiles A LOT! I know every mom and dad probably say their baby smiled early and is a “happy” baby. But really, this girl smiles so easy. The second you unsaddle her in the morning she is all smiles and coos. She really is a happy baby!
  3. Rarely Cries. We went to the doctor and they asked how many hours out of the day she cries.. hours? We were amazed to answer that she MIGHT cry 5 minutes out of the day. She is pretty easy to calm down. UNLESS maybe if you are not her parents. We have left a few times and she has been inconsolable but we think this might be related to her belly and the bottle. She did great today while we were away when we traveled for a shoot.
  4. She is loved! This girl has cousins, grandparents, her sister, friends, church family and so much more who just constantly love on her!
  5. Active! She wants to stand or sit up almost all of the time. She is not content laying back or being held like a typical baby. She wants to see. From the day she was born she was holding her head up and looking around!
  6. Talks! We all love to talk to her because she copies your sounds. 9 out of ten times she sounds like she is saying hi when she babbles because we all say HIIIIII to her all the time! She has the sweetest jabbers!
  7. Sleep? Well everyone always asks me if she sleeps through the night and thats a good question. The doctors say 5 hours or more is technically through the night so we will go with yes. Some nights she sleeps 5 straight and some 7 but she never actually opens her eyes.. she fusses a little, eats for 5 minutes and passes right back out. She is super easy at night so momma never minds getting up.
  8. Diapering. She filles her diapers….  A LOT.. because she EATS A LOT! So therefor we take bathes and wash laundry… A LOT! Good thing she never cries when you change her, she actually loves to be changed!
  9. The SWING! It is a lifesaver! She loves it and spends a TON of time in there. Thank God! It makes life so much easier!
  10. Water! She loves to bath and we took her swimming and she liked that too!

Overall we are loving watching her little personality come through and she is definitely becoming more fun. Daddy is excited to hold her more now and bond with her because she is much easier to console now that the newborn phase is behind us. She likes to chat with him and Emmy when he gets home from work. Honestly, I am scratching my head thinking abut what this kid DOESN’T like because she is pretty go with the flow! I am sure I will find something soon to share in that area! ha!



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