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May 17, 2017 , Personal


So I am not going to be that mom or photographer that has photos up for every month milestone. Aydah is 7 weeks old and I completely missed her one month and I am almost to month two. Instead I am just going to take pictures whenever I want and feel inspired! haha! I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t got the camera out since her second week home so we did a quick one minute shoot. Then she fell apart, I gave her the pacifier and she went right to sleep! Hence why this blog is getting done right now! So here is what she has been up to.

  1. She is sleeping longer intervals. 5-6 hours at first and then 2-3 hours. Before she was up every two hours for at least ten minutes and then back to bed. She has NEVER opened her eyes at night though. Literally just eats and goes right back in her crib with out a peep. She has been super easy to console. 
  2. Her belly is adjusting! At first it seemed like she had a ton of gas and burps and was slightly fussy because of it. I think this is why she is sleeping longer too. We are still 100% nursing so that is good. She is a great nurser!
  3. She is smiling A LOT! She smiled for her first time at 4 weeks old and by week 5 she was doing it several times a day. Now she smiles ALL the time. As soon as she was up and sees me and when daddy comes home. Of course I couldn’t get her to do it for these pictures because she was sleepy but take a look at our Instagram! 
  4. She coos more! She also sounds like she is talking when she cries. It is hysterical! She is pretty vocal! 
  5. She had her first BIG blowout last Sunday. That is a milestone right?
  6. She loves to be held by Emmy and smiles every time she hears or sees her. 
  7. She likes my parents pizza shop. Every time we take her down there the ovens and all the noise puts her right to sleep.
  8. I have left her with a sitter a few times and she is doing better and better. She takes the bottle much better now. This weekend is our first wedding! Next week our part time nanny starts so we will see how she does! 
  9. She lifts her head all around and everyone talks about how strong she is. She has practically crawled on you since she was born. We think she will me a mover quicker than Em was but we will see.
  10. She likes to grab and hold things. Like my hair, skin, shirts, fingers. She has a strong grip!

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