Aydah's Arrival | Personal

April 10, 2017 , Personal


Aydah’s Arrival | Personal

It seems that I am not the only one who likes to read a good birth story! I am going to spare you some of the details but also let you know there isnt a whole lot to our story! Aydah is 2 weeks old today so it is the perfect time to share. She came in 3 and a half hours from the time we checked into the hospital! It all went so fast! We knew it would be fast but we had no idea it would be THAT fast. So here is where it started!

Saturday we went out for a date night while Emlyn enjoyed a movie at our gym. The gym has a parents night out and it was awesome to utilize that right before Aydah came! Andrew and I ate dinner at FlipSide and then walked around Easton, ate Jeni’s icecream and got coffee at Barnes and Noble. We talked about going to the hospital almost the whole night because my contractions were keeping me from being able to sit. We started calculating them at one point on a bench at the mall and they were 3 minutes a part for atleast 30-40 minutes before we stood back up to walk. When we got to Barnes and Noble I was feeling pain and noticing they were closer together so we headed to get Em and then home just to prepare ourselves. When we got home I noticed they were further a part and I told Andrew I needed to lay down to see if they progressed or stopped. Well by 3am they were almost completely gone. I slept hardly at all that night because they were coming but getting further a part by the hour. I knew it wasn’t time yet.

Sunday I woke up and felt NOTHING! I couldnt believe it. I went through the whole day just telling myself that she could very well not come for another week or so. I had to let it go mentally and just trust. I was exhausted from not sleeping so I lounged a lot that day and stayed home from church. At 8:00pm we were putting Emlyn to bed and I got my first contraction while we were tucking her in. Ten minutes later tornando sirens were going off. I thought to myself “I am going to go into labor during a tornado!” haha! From 8:00-9:00pm my contractions were consistent and starting to be painful. At 9 Andrew and I decided to try and lay down again and see if they would slow down like they did Saturday night. After 30 minutes I couldn’t take laying down anymore and told Andrew that I thought we should just get the car ready and be prepared to go soon. By 10:00pm we were trying to get out the door because they were back to being 3 minutes a part, were pretty painful and they werent stopping. As we were driving we kept thinking “Please don’t send us home!”. We didnt want it to be a long night either so we were both just praying it was the right time!

We got to the hospital and they checked me at 11:00pm on Sunday night and they said I was at 4cm, which was 2cm more since that Wednesday. They wanted to monitor me in triage for an hour and hope I get to 5cm and then they would keep me. We were praying hard during that hour! At 12:00am they checked me and I was 5cm and thinning out more too. I was definitely in labor! They starting checking me in and by 12:30AM they had me in the labor and delivery suite. At this point my contractions were getting insane and I had no drugs or anything. At 1:00AM on Monday the 27th they broke my water and immediately I was starting to feel a ton of pressure and I begged them to check me again. I was at 7-8cm and fully effaced and her head was right there, the nurse said she couldnt get any lower! They knew then I was progressing fast and starting skipping all my lab orders. You could tell they had a bit of a panick! I couldnt have an epidural yet because they needed to put fluids in my body so I had to wait but we were racing the dialation. Thankfully, I got a very light epidural just in time and about 45 minutes later we started to push. MY epidural was amazing because I asked for the lowest dose possible and I could still move my legs, feel almost everything, and I was comfortable enough to not be out of my mind. At 3AM I started to push and by 3:28AM she was born! CRAZY! The thing with my epidural is unfortunately my body did not handle how fast she came very well. I had to get a ton of stitches and I have a lengthier recovery due to what happened. If it were not for my epidural I don’t know how I would have made it through it all. It all worked out perfectly and every nurse we had was heaven sent. We had so many great conversations with our nurses in those three hours.

We didn’t have a photographer come but Andrew did take a few photos of it all so here you go!


Aydah Joy Logesky – Monday, March 27th 2017 @ 3:28AM – 7 lbs 7.6oz 19.50 inches long

Emlyn’s first time seeing and holding her! Already doing big sister things by fixing her hat!

Up next is all of Aydah’s newborn photos that we have taken so get ready for cuteness overload!

Sharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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