Baby Gear 101 | Personal

April 24, 2017 , Wedding


Baby Gear 101 | Personal

So usually we post about camera gear but today we are going to share about a different kind of gear. We can’t help but notice the mass amount of photographers in our life that either JUST had babies, are expecting or that is family planning. Running a business and being a mom or dad can be a tough act to balance but I really do feel like the small things that make life easier help with that balance. Some of the things I want to share are just preference but we will just share what we love and you can see if maybe you think you’ll love it too!


1. Munchkin Warm Glow Wipe Warmer-  We thought wipe warmers were ridiculous with Emlyn and never bought one. With Aydah we registered for this one and we love it! It has a night light on it which is pretty cool. But those middle of the night changes are so much less stressful with a warm wipe!




 2. Philips Avent Soothie PacifierWe are a little more relaxed when it comes to using pacifiers in the beginning. Em was an amazing nurser from the beginning and Aydah has been too. We have never had to worry about them getting confused. Both girls will only take these though. They have been miracle workers for us. It is so nice that they can soothe themselves. And it gives momma a break.



3.Burt’s Bees Baby Bee 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment- Our girls both have sensitive skin and most diaper cremes have been too strong. This pastes works wonders and you only need the smallest dab. The bottle looks small but it goes so far!



4. AMAZLINEN Universal Fit Multi-use Baby Car Seat Covers- Whoever invented this is a SIMPLE genius! This triples as a carseat cover, nursing cover, and grocery cart cover. I get compliments over and over again on it! The material is nice and this for air to get in both in the carseat and while nursing. I love that I don’t have to bring TWO things and it doubles as both. Just another thing I don’t have to put in the diaper bag!



5. Luliey Diaper Tote Bag, Black & White Lines With Tan Trim- Well this matches the above, which I love! Ha! I am super picky about how a diaper bags pockets are and this one is perfect. It has a pocket for everything but not TOO many. Some bags your stuff gets lost it. I love that I can use this down the road too and it still looks like a purse.



 6. Lataly Nursing Bra- Nursing bras and nursing clothes in general can be so hard! These have been perfect for night and day time! They are super comfortable and affordable!




 7. Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump- I have tried electric pumps and I just can’t! They seem so slow to me and just a lot of work. Surprisingly this hand held one works great and it only takes me 10 minutes tops to pump and I like that it sets up so nice with the bottles we use. In the middle of the night this pump is so much easier to get out and use for a couple of minutes to help with engorgement.


 8. Baby Relax Mackenzie Nursery Room Rocker- We bought a stork craft chair with Emlyn and we used it so much it was broken by age 2. We decided to spend a little more and buy a bigger chair that could hold up better. This chair is so comfortable and has been a lifesaver. Also, momma’s sometimes need to heal after having a baby and having a nice soft place to sit helps the healing process. This chair was the only place I could sit comfortably the first week home!


 9. myBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Sound Machine- We were going to buy a big sound machine for her room and I am so glad we didn’t. This one has been amazing. It’s volume is pretty powerful for how big it is, we love the sound options and more than anything we love that we can move it so easily. From moving from the bassinet to her crib, or when we travel and stay places, this is perfect!



10. AmazonBasics Performance Alkaline Batteries-  You will need so many batteries with a baby, typically AAA or D is the most common. Amazons batteries last for SO long and are super affordable! We have been using everything for a month and have only changed one thing and thats the sound machine because sometimes it is left on by accident.



11. 100% Organic Muslin Swaddle Blanket by ADDISON BELLE- This isn’t the exact swaddle blanket we have but we have 6+ of the muslin ones and they are AMAZING. It is so easy to overheat a baby! These are amazing because babies love to wrapped up to feel like they are in the womb. These are so light and soft. I am obsessed. They are the only ones we use!



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