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December 22, 2015 , Behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes | Columbus Wedding Photographers

I’ll be honest. Last year on my goal list I wrote that I wanted to create a system in my workflow so that I could put ALL of our behind the scenes shots into ONE folder as each wedding went on. Well, that system was created and put in place but it only lasted up until we had 4 weddings in three weeks. It was all down hill from there! So here I find myself saying YET AGAIN saying that next year I want to be better about not letting it slip away from me. I love this post every year because I love to show you all the behind the scenes photos but this was all that I could scrummage up of them from nearly 50,000 photos. You forgive me right?

We had such a fun year and made our goal of 15 weddings. With moving to Columbus, Ohio in the middle of wedding season we couldn’t be more grateful to meet that goal. Also, for our second FULL year focusing on weddings we couldnt be more pleased. Last year when we announced we were taking on weddings we ended up with 8 weddings our first year. We thought 15 was a good goal from 8 and it was. We shot exactly 15!  13 Pittsburgh weddings and 2 Columbus weddings. We also shot 16 engagement sessions and 23 senior and portrait sessions. With the big move to a new city we are kind of looking at next year as a repeat of our first year and know that it is going to take time here to build back up. Though I would be lying if I didnt admit I wish our numbers would grow more next year, I remain thankful for the clients we have and I trust God that He knows just what we need.

Alright, moving on from all that… Here is some behind the scene shots from our weddings this year!

Every wedding that we shoot we arrive 30 minutes early to the ceremony location to shoot the ceremony details and the guests coming in. This was Andrew testing his white balance and such while I was getting my stuff set up.


I see so much technology in this picture! Can we tell you something? We actually don’t mind working with videographers! We know a lot of photographers who say the opposite but we have found it is easier to work alongside of them and even include them in what we do.

Sometimes you just need to stand on a chair for the shot.. and then the bride wants to come up and join you! Haha!

Picture on the left: That one time we went to North Carolina…. AND Emlyn got to come with us. It was awesome having her at the reception with us! 😀

Right: Coty and Amy’s wedding was a first for us.. Our first wedding in New York! I liked my hair in this picture by the way haha.

I love that Andrew isn’t afraid to get down there and straighten out the brides dress!

Picture on the right: North Carolina again. We fought the rain hard that day but Andrew snapped this from the window before we rain inside!

Sometimes you grab selfies with the wedding guests! 🙂

The picture on the right is hard to tell but Andrew is in the right corner.

I love this picture of Andrew as a man on a mission!

Alright, I put these on their own because of the quality. These are all iPhone pictures. Some are pictures with our couples after their wedding and some are of us before!

2015-12-19_0001 2015-12-19_0002 2015-12-19_0003


Alright! That concludes our 2015 behind the scenes post! Here we go 2016!

Sharing, serving and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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