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December 16, 2014 , Behind the scenes


Behind the Scenes 2014

Oh! I have just loved seeing so many of the behind the scenes blog posts from all of our photog friends. It made me sad I wasn’t more conscious of this all year long! We definitely have more pictures then this but I spent way too much time digging up what I have here already. Next year though.. I will have have a system to keep track of all our goofy behind the scenes shots better!

For now lets start off here! 😀

This first one was our first wedding of the year AND Andrew’s FIRST wedding ever! He did so good and has grown LEAPS since then. I was super impressed he knew to get some of me in action with out being told. I love this shot! 2014-12-16_0001


Amanda and Evan’s downtown Greensburg E-session was so much fun! One of my favorite to date. Typically I shoot with a longer lens for portraits and Andrew shoots with the 50 1.4. I like the 105 as a portrait lens as well as the 70-200!  Love the compression and creamy bokeh! 2014-12-16_0002

This was just a few months after he started learning and I was impressed he already had the goofy camera faces down! 2014-12-16_0003

Occasionally we catch each other in the background. This has been a skill we have really tried to crack down on. We have a lot less of these shots now because we try to be aware of where each other is at all times. 2014-12-16_0004

We frequently shoot rehearsal dinners to get a feel for how the ceremony will go down and to meet everyone in advance! Andrew is taking a casual stroll in the top left corner. 2014-12-16_0005

Most of our pictures with our couples are ALL iPhone pictures at a reception. In other words, they are crappy. This is the ONLY shot we got on a big camera because we had our own videographer there that day! 2014-12-16_0006

I am not so fond of these pictures..but I am all about being transparent! Haha! 2014-12-16_0007

Loved this shot of Andrew! He was willing to climb out there and get the shot! I was not however! It was FREEZING, the wind was whipping, and it was just a little bit scary! 2014-12-16_0008

I went out on the dance floor and danced with Megan to the Thrift Shop song! I don’t know why but the song always makes me want to break loose! Andrew grabbed this shot when we were all done! (P.S. we stood in the pouring down rain to shoot their bride and groom portraits.. that is why I look like a drowned rat!)


The photo on the right is at a little church near Lyn Run! I love this place! 2014-12-16_0009

Andrew is usually my light tester! Look how handsome he is!


The photo on the right was quite funny to me. I was laying on the ground to get a different angle on the couple and I needed a shorter lens. We switched cameras real quick and I grabbed this one from the ground of Andrew. He does not normally sport my lovely camera strap! 2014-12-16_0010

He really gets himself in the funniest positions. It is so awesome to see what he is willing to do to get the shot he desires! 2014-12-16_0011

I loved this perspective from Caleb’s senior session! 2014-12-16_0012

With our senior girls I feel like the mommy in me comes out. I am always GRACEFULLY helping them out! Let me clarify.. haha! No man handling! I also love to show the girls how beautiful they look and give them some encouragement! 2014-12-16_0013

2014-12-16_0015 2014-12-16_0016


Andrew likes to show them sometimes too! 😀 Look at that smile on her face!! 2014-12-16_0017

Has to be my favorite behind the scenes shot of the year. Ugh. These girls melted my heart. They reminded me why I love what we do. They reminded me of what really matters. If you are hungry to serve families in need, you should check out Father’s Heart in Jeannette,PA! 2014-12-16_0014What a year it has been for us! We can not wait to start 2015 off with a bang!  With our wedding season next year nearly doubling from last year.. we are for sure in for some fun times! Thanks for you support and encouragement! Here is to 2015!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

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