Bittersweet | Personal

February 23, 2016 , Personal


Bittersweet | Personal

IMG_3364 copyThis past weekend we made a trip as a family back to Pennsylvania. We scheduled an engagement shoot and an #accouples event while we were there but we really had a ton of downtime. The whole trip felt like we were in a weird place trapped between reality and surreal life. I couldn’t help but think about what life used to look like the whole time. As much as it all felt so bittersweet I felt more and more excited about our future. It is like the biggest wrestle I have ever felt in my heart. My heart hurt and wanted to be a part of our friends lives there in PA and the church.. but my heart hurt and longs to be in Ohio for so many reasons. After all the wrestling is done I almost always come back to the fact it is a new season. It is a new time and the fruit that lies ahead is one I don’t want to miss out on because we are too busy missing the past.

Enough of the mushy heart stuff. Here is what we did! To be honest.. I really tried not to take a lot of pictures and just soaked in our time so forgive me for a post lacking some photos! haha!  We started off the weekend visiting some of our closest friends and all of our kids got to play. I cried a few tears seeing our best friends babies growing so big. I hugged and squeezed and kissed away hoping I would get enough love till I see them next time. Emlyn had so much fun playing and catching up with her friends. Then we spent the evening with our former pastors and it was so great to kick back and relax with them and catch up. Pastor Dale and Deb are a huge reason why Andrew and I stand where we are today and it felt good just to be able to come back and catch up with them. They will always be a part of our lives in some way because our hearts and ministry are just an extension of their hearts and ministry.

Saturday we headed to an engagement session with Nate and Genevieve and their session will be coming up soon on the blog. These two got an amazing 68 degree day with the best sunshine. We shot at 10:30am which is a really weird time of day for sunlight but we accepted the challenge and we are stoked about their photos. I know we say it all the time about how much fun we have with our couples but we really did have a blast with them. They are so easy to talk to and they were a hoot when posing and walking them through gestures. Nate always felt like a total goof but I think he is going to be pleasantly surprised but their photos. Their love shows for sure! We caught up with them over lunch and talked about our love for food, sweets, and puppies and of course talked all things wedding.

Sunday we visited LifeSpring for the first time since we left 8 months ago and it was such a good thing. The timing felt right and the way they welcomed us back was so healthy. I still can’t get over how well everything transitioned. We have so much to be thankful for. We felt like we visited family by walking in their and all the hugs and “I miss you’s” were so good for our hearts. Seeing some of our youth was a real treat and hugging them and wiping tears. It was quite emotional for me but I know God is taking care of us all.

After we headed to lunch with some of our couples and it was such a good time. We always love watching our couples interact with each other and seeing all the different personalities and walks of life. One of our brides messaged me and really blessed me by encouraging us in how well we relate to everyone in all different walks of life. We loved that. We never want to limit our business to one “type” of person. We love all people but not ALL people are going to LOVE us.. that is ok! But I am so grateful to have couples who genuinely want to build a relationship with us and others in our little community.

Overall, this trip was so needed! We will be heading back to PA in April but for weddings so it was good to take some time when it won’t be so crazy. As much as we miss our friends, family and clients there in PA we are stoked about meeting more people here in Columbus and seeing all that God has for us here.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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