Boosting Productivity | Business Tip Tuesday

May 24, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


Boosting Productivity | Business Tip Tuesday

One of the things I have been working hard on is making the most of my time! I can not tell you how different life is when it comes to my actual time to work! Emlyn is on summer break so it just got even more interesting! It is insanely different but still totally doable to be productive. I have had to pay a lot more attention to my every minute and make the most of the time I have been given. Here are some things I have been focusing on to increase my productivity.



1. Say NO to Distractions

This one is huge! How many of you work just like this; Check email, oh just got a text message from a client – ok I need to go send something real quick, oh while I am up I forgot to put the dishes away, back to email, oh look someone commented on Facebook, shoot I forgot to post on Instagram, Instagram? Look at this pretty wedding, man I should plan a styled shoot, that reminds me I haven’t talked to so and so.. lol Sound familiar? Ok, maybe not to that extreme but it all started by saying YES to that first distraction! One of the things I have done to quiet the distractions is turn off all notifications on my phone. I also put my devices on airplane mode at certain times. If something comes to mind while working on a project I just jot it done for what I am going to do NEXT after the current task is finished!

2. Daunting Tasks First

I can not tell you how often I put off some of the SMALLEST tasks but tasks that I view as daunting. I let them weigh over my head and stay on my to-do list way longer than I need to. By accomplishing these tasks first I lift a weight off of my shoulders and can move on to things that are more enjoyable.



3. Rewards

I make rewards for myself. Yup, I am my own boss so this is how I roll! Ha! Once I have completed all my “daunting tasks” or I have made it through all of my urgent tasks I stop and do 10-15 minutes of something that is enjoyable outside of work. This could be a magazine, reading, drawing, drinking coffee, go for a walk, you name it!


4. More water

Water and I are not friends but it is proven that if you drink more water it helps your cognitive function. I am awful at this but I know it is important! Drinking an 8oz glass of water every two hours is a reasonable goal while working in my world but feel free to drink more!




5. Noise

Noise is proven to make you more productive! I love the app Coffivity. I also listen to the tracks from my computer while working. My favorite is Morning Murmur!


6. Task Management Apps

I use Trello currently and love it! If you haven’t checked it out I encourage you to TRY and not give up!



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