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September 8, 2017 , Personal


“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” Isn’t that the truth? Every time in my life I have felt like I had a solid plan before me it always ends up looking way different. Andrew and I have experienced this so many times that I think we have slowly became more and more flexible to His plans and less expectant for things to unfold like we imagine. The truth is when God says go our heart is to always say yes. Sometimes that yes is easier to accomplish than other times. A lot has changed over the last few weeks and we are excited about where we are going!

A few weeks ago my parents new location for their pizza shop opened up and they left their previous space below us. We had shared with you a while back about our intention on remodeling and making the downstairs ours. For the last year we have lived above what was the pizza shop while we waited and assisted their move. We were going to put our business in the front and have a client meeting space. When my parents officially moved over we couldn’t help but see the immense amount of work that needed done.  We started to do some demo and the more we did the more we saw. We also couldn’t ignore the fact that when we started the journey to live above the shop that we had been trying to conceive for 3+ years. The month we moved in we found out we were pregnant. It’s quite comical really because this is the smallest place we have ever lived and the least prepared place for a baby but God made it all work. So here we are now with a 5 month old baby, 5 year old, and a golden retriever in a 900sq ft apartment above an old pizza shop with no yard. My heart has progressively desired a more quiet place, a bath for a our babies (only have a shower now), a yard, and simply just a place that was more like home.

The crazy thing is I thought God brought us to this building to make it ours. I felt in my heart He was bringing us back to this place to help bring new life. To reclaim something. What I didn’t realize is God accomplished that but it looked different. For the last year I have helped my parents project manage their new location. I called contractors, inspectors, and basically was their liaison to make sure the project was moving forward. I went to the store probably 100 times buying things with my mom and sister for the new place. I tore Amazon shopping up! I cried, yelled and so much more. The truth I know is that Connell was able to open when it did because God used me there to make it happen. He used me to bring new life just like He said He would. So looking back on it now I can tell God accomplished what He wanted in this season. Everyone keeps saying “Oh you guys had so much plans for that space”. The truth is we did but the more we have been here the more our hearts have changed. We are not sad about not using it for our business. One day this building and the shop will be something we have to figure out again and it will be there waiting. What is not waiting is raising our family. We want to make the most of our time with our kids and give them what we see is best and this is just one step of that.

Last week we started looking with no particular timeline but the sooner the better. A friend from high school sent me a link to a house and when I opened it my heart sunk. Not because of the house but because of where it was. Andrew and I have fallen in love with Granville. When we first moved back we would drive Em there to play, schedule as much sessions there as we could, and visit. We decided if not anything else that Granville would be a great community to retire in. I think we chose retirement thinking it would never happen for us before then. We had talked about living there in the past but we felt like it was too far. The more we looked at the house online the more my heart started leaning in. Andrews work is only 12 miles from the house. The house is only 3 miles from 70 where you can go down to where our church and everything else is. Basically we are a quick 20 minute drive from anywhere that we are used to. We talked through it and decided it would be worth at least looking at.

When we went to the house there were things we didn’t love but we started weighing all the pros and cons. The house is in the country on a main road so we know one day we would love to put a small fence up if possible. The house is 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms which is awesome. Gives us plenty of room for now and the possibility of having another baby in the future. The thing that sold us though was not just the house. Granville is an amazing community. Academically the schools are some of the best in the area. Their is so much provided for young families and local markets and I could just list them on and on. There is a giant park by our house that has a 4 acre dog park! The amenities we are excited about are long! More so than all of that the peace and space is what we all feel like we need. An acre and a half of land sounds really nice and I don’t think we are going to mind driving past horses and cows all the time.

One of the things I am stoked about for our business is their are several wedding venues in the area that we love. We are lovers of architecture and the venues in Granville scream architecture! There are tons of locations there we love to shoot at and feel like Granville and what it offers fits our photography style so well. Andrew and I both have always loved putting Emlyn to bed in our home and then meeting with our clients. There is something about bringing a newly engaged couple into our home for cookies and wine and getting to know their story. Andrew and I know that this has always worked for us and we are excited to have a home again for hosting. So we may not be renovating my parents shop for our studio but we are really excited to have a home that suits our family and business.

I am writing my last blog from our little renovated apartment and it feels bittersweet. I never thought it would end like this but I think it is sweeter than I ever dreamed. Who knew I would have TWO sleeping girls here. Andrew and I trust God with all we are and we know He is all about taking us on an adventure. Here we go, let the new season begin!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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